Drunk Driving Essay

Drunk driving is an issue that affects many people all over the world. Drunk driving leads to thousands of deaths every year, and it accounts for nearly one-third of traffic fatalities. Drunk driving not only harms people involved in accidents but also has serious consequences for society as a whole. Drunk driving laws seek to … Read more

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analysis Essay

The Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I attended was on Wednesday July 15th 2015. It was held at Get It Together 8:00am 393 W. Warner Rd #105 & 106 Chandler, AZ 85225. The meeting was assigned an open meeting designation with the format being a discussion group. Other formats include Big Book study, newcomers, candlelight, meditation, literature … Read more

Essay about Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that is used worldwide that helps individuals recover from an alcohol addiction. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings and there is never a fee or charge. There are two types of meetings an open and closed. An open meeting means that anyone can show up to the meeting with … Read more

Alcohol: Most Used and Abused Drug

Alcohol is the most used and abused drug in the world, for this reason there is no wonder why we have alcohol problems. The most common problem is alcoholism. Alcoholism is a chronic usually progressive disease that includes both a psychological and a physical addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics know what will happen to them when … Read more

Drinking Age

Since the increase of the drinking age to 21 has taken effect in New York state, the argument for lowering that limit has been heated. The current age for the consumption of alcohol in the United States is 21 (“Consequences”). Just as it is stated in the following quote, age limits for minors are inconsistent. … Read more

Alcohol Treatment

Numerous treatment methods are constantly being discovered and developed to help start alcohol and drug abusers down the path of sobriety. There are many different methods available to help addicts who need help or to help addicts who want help. Our system is diverting from a punishing approach to a treatment approach. This paper will … Read more