Social Darwinism Essay

Social Darwinism is a 19th century idea that arose as a corollary of the theory of evolution. Social Darwinists claim that just as natural selection works on the individual level, so too does it affect human society and civilization. Social Darwinism gained immense popularity in industrial nations during the late 1800s and early 1900s as … Read more

Natural Selection Theory Essay

• Explanation of the concept of natural selection and how it takes place The theory of natural selection was developed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. They suggested that the mechanism of natural selection was that some organisms have characteristics that are better suited to the environment they live in then others that don’t … Read more

Theories Of Natural Selection Essay

Natural selection is mainly thought of as being applied to the biological and physical features of organisms during evolution. The traits that help humans survive through different circumstances will continue to be passed to the next generations because through natural selection the fittest survive. Charles Darwin then applies natural selection to morality in societies. I … Read more

Lamarckian Inheritance Essay

Darwin’s concept of evolution was very influential in further developing both scientific and social theories. It fueled several perspectives about the future and current state of society at the time. Charlotte Gilman, for example, used Darwinian evolution to challenge the future of women’s roles in society in Women and Economics. Veblen’s The Theory of The … Read more