Memorable Person

There’s always at least one individual in everybody’s life that will be forever ingrained in their memories. A memorable person can be anyone you aspired to be like or someone that has had an impactful role in your life. That could stand for a family member, a friend, law enforcement officer or anybody else that … Read more

Grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond that is unlike any other relationship. From stories and wisdom, to laughter and love, this relationship is truly unique and precious. While every family is different, there are some commonalities that many grandparents and grandchildren share. For example, grandparents often enjoy spoiling their grandchildren with treats and gifts. … Read more

Kagawong: A Short Story

December 29, 2013 was the date that I recall when it happened. It was a chilly winter day in Kagawong. I was visiting my grandparents house about a mile from the town on Manitoulin Island in Canada. Ice hung off the tree branches in glistening icicles. Snow, as tall as a mailbox, was piled up … Read more