Cardiovascular System Research Paper

Structure of the heart: The heart is at the centre of the cardiovascular system. It is a hollow muscular pump that drives blood through the arteries, which allows it to reach the working muscles and tissues. The heart is split into two halves. The right side of the heart is separated from the left by … Read more

Passout Research Paper

The Passout challenge , played by many teens tweens and sometimes children it can be young as 6-7 but most children first tried the game at about 14 years of age. This Game can be called by many things: the passout challenge, hangman, fainting challenge , sleeper, blackout, funky chicken, space monkey, flat liner, tingling … Read more

Essay on Heart Failure Literature Review

Heart failure (HF) is a progressive disease which affects more than five million Americans (Yancy et al. , 2013). HF negatively impacts quality of life and it is associated with frequent hospitalizations and high mortality. Evidence-based practice guidelines aid health care professionals with treatment management and provide pathways to optimize individual patient care. The main … Read more