Airway Case Study Nursing

Question 1. A. AIRWAY– Maintaining a clear airway is always considered a high priority because airway is essential for gas exchange (Ramkumar, 2011). However, the patient has a patent airway. Therefore, the nursing strategy is to conduct an airway assessment “look, listen and feel” continuously to detect any changes. This is to provide immediate respiratory … Read more

Essay On The Causes Of Obesity In America

In our society, many Americans face one or more health problems caused by how one cares for their body. There are various ways to mistreat your body: one might consume too much sugar, one might consume too much sodium, or one might eat at fast food restaurants every day. However, these are also reasons why … Read more

Congestive Heart Failure Literature Review Essay

Heart failure is a very common disease; whereby around 670,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year (Lien, & Alexis, 2012). There is increased hospitalization of people aged above 65 years because of congestive heart failure. It is characterized with the slow movement of the blood through the heart and an increased pressure in … Read more