Proprofessional Proposal Paper

Patient safety is very important to the healthcare provider, healthcare facility or organization. One area that continues to be a safety issue is mislabeled or unlabeled specimens. Mislabeled specimens happen for a variety of reasons but regardless of the reason the outcome can be devastating to the patient, family, provider and institution (Intermec, 2010). Mislabeled … Read more

Communication Barriers In Nursing

Across the healthcare system there are universal themes that can be applied to several fields of medicine, such as ambition to make a difference, maintaining effective communication, and overcoming obstacles that one encounters throughout his/her career. Six University of West Florida students procured six individual healthcare providers and performed semi-structured interviews with the professionals in … Read more

Essay On Clinical Reflection

For this fourth clinical, I was more aware of what I was expected to due. I chose two patients, both begin female. I was happy to have two female patients this time around. My primary patient for clinical was an eighty-five-year-old female who had been admitted for adult failure to thrive. I kept my patient’s … Read more

Hal B Woodall Interview Essay

Going in to this interview, I was not certain what to expect at all. I had prepared a few questions and anticipated it lasting maybe ten to fifteen minutes at the most. However, my mental image of the interview did not remotely match up to what actually occurred. My interviewee was Dr. Hal B. Woodall, … Read more