Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

The Industrial Revolution was a period of great change for the Western world. It began in the early 1700s and ended around 1800. This time saw the rise of factories and the Atlantic slave trade. The Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative effects on society. Positive effects of the Industrial Revolution: – led to … Read more

The Effects Of Industrialization On Society

The Industrial Revolution was a period of great change for society. It saw the rise of new technologies and the growth of factories and cities. Industrialization had a profound effect on the social structure of society. Industrialization led to the rise of the middle class. This new class of people were not connected to traditional … Read more

Industrial Revolution

Three factors influence the Industrial revolution, these factors include :a population boom: a canal boom: and policies of the government of parliament. The revolution first occurred in Britain and later spread throughout the world. Cotton also had a prevalent influence on the revolution, these influences are demonstrated in the Cottage Industries. The Industrial revolution created … Read more

2000 Dbq Analysis Essay

In the years 1865 to 1900 the United States had flourished in their industry business, giving the era the rightful name of the Industrial Revolution. During this time period thousands of submitted patents and successful inventions connected the country, brought life to cities and boosted both the Northern and Southern economy post-Civil War. This revolution … Read more