Sweatshops Research Papers

Picture a huge billboard with lights flashing all over. It depicts several people dressed in vibrant clothes with words writing SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY 75% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE! Now make a complete 180 degree shift. Picture a building on the brink of collapse with sewing machines butted up against each other in rows that … Read more

Minimum Wage Report

Minimum wage has helped shape our economy and nation as it is today. In the United States, we have two different types of minimum wage, federal and state. But what is minimum wage? “Minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate at which most employers may legally pay their workers” (“Federal Minimum Wage”). The federal minimum … Read more

Poverty In Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle Essay

Society today is pretty rough these days. We have 5. 1% unemployment rate, minimum wage isn’t enough to pay for all of you living expenses, The wealth and poverty gap is growing. Now in 2015 sounds like it’s a hard time to live in. Not even the worst of what we have now can compare … Read more