Jeffersonian Republicans Vs. Federalists

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were the two main founding fathers of the Jeffersonian Republican party. They both believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution, which meant that they thought that the federal government should have very limited powers. They also believed in state’s rights, and that the states should have most of the … Read more

Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments Essay

Imagine having your father leave your family and your mother die at the age of twelve. Imagine after all of that, spend years studying in the Caribbean alone and finally being sent to America. That is what happened to Alexander Hamilton. All of that time he spent reading and writing helped him in the future. … Read more

Madison Vs Thomas Jefferson Essay

As a result of their ideas on the role of government in public and private lives, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were two of the most influential Founding Fathers. Perhaps their greatest influence was in regard to religion and the separation of church and state. To this day, their writings are influential to how we … Read more