Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments Essay

Imagine having your father leave your family and your mother die at the age of twelve. Imagine after all of that, spend years studying in the Caribbean alone and finally being sent to America. That is what happened to Alexander Hamilton. All of that time he spent reading and writing helped him in the future. He used the skills he created to make a brilliant financial system that would be used hundreds of years later. In addition to a financial system, Hamilton wrote most of the Federalist Papers. Hamilton wrote 51 essays out of the 85 essays. He could not have done this without his ambition, determination, and brilliance.

Because of all the time he spent studying, Hamilton became very smart and rose up in power and was chosen to be a New York delegate at the Constitutional Convention. Although many people hated him and admired him, Hamilton did amazing things to the United States and would not be able to do it without his amazing determination, outstanding brilliance, and surprising ambition. After becoming an orphan at the age of twelve, Hamilton was stuck on a ruined island after a terrible hurricane. He worked hard and raised enough money to get on a ship that was headed to New York.

Hamilton was a brilliant man who used his time very wisely and did not waste a second doing something he felt was unimportant. Hamilton knew how to use his knowledge to his own advantage. An example of this could be when he teamed up with James Madison and John Jay to create the Federalist Papers. Under a pseudonym, or fake name, the three men wrote a total of 85 essays in the span of six months (Kent 68). James Madison and John Jay did not write many compared to Hamilton. John Jay got very ill after writing five and was unable to write more. Madison wrote 25 of the essays, and Hamilton wrote an astonishing 51.

In addition to the Federalist Papers, Hamilton also created the most important thing he will be remembered for. Hamilton was sure that with the start of a new country, they were going to need a good and stable financial system. The United States had already piled up a large amount of national debt, and also had the state debts to deal with. After becoming Secretary of the Treasury in George Washington’s presidential cabinet, Hamilton had to come up with a plan to get rid of the debt. At a cabinet meeting, Hamilton proposed that the nation consumes the state debt and establish a national bank.

Thomas Jefferson, as he usually did, disagreed with Hamilton on everything he did. A compromise between Hamilton and Jefferson was made, and eventually, the United States established the first national bank. Hamilton’s proposal created the start of a financial system that would last hundreds of years (Hamilton). Because of the fantastic financial system he created, Hamilton got to participate in the Constitutional Convention. Hamilton’s skill with a quill and parchment was undeniable, but he also participated in the Constitutional Convention as a delegate under New York.

He proposes his own form of government; his own plan for a new form of government which suggested president for life. Everybody in the Constitutional Convention disagreed with his plan, as it was based off of the British government. Hamilton’s plan never went into action. Hamilton created brilliant things like the Federalist Papers and America’s financial system, but he also attended the Constitutional Convention and suggested a not-so-smart government plan. He wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without his outstanding brilliance and skills.

Hamilton did not let anybody get in his way when he wanted something. He was extremely ambitious and quickly rose above his station and was quick to act. Hamilton took advantage of his ambition to climb into power in the army. He was recognized by George Washington for his work after Hamilton joined the revolutionary war. He was given a position under Washington’s staff when Washington realized that Hamilton could be a very efficient worker for him. Hamilton used his quick thinking and amazing skills to very quickly go up in power to be Washington’s righthand man.

Similarly, Hamilton also used his ambition to become Secretary of Treasury when George Washington became president. After his election in 1789, Washington chose Hamilton as the first Secretary of Treasury for the brand new nation. His role in the cabinet allowed Hamilton to create new tax methods and helped boost the country out of debt (PBS). After his mother died, Hamilton was left an orphan with nobody to take care of him. He started working when he was twelve. He worked for a businessman and continued working for him after his mother died.

Seeing his ambition, the business teamed up with minister Hugh Knox to send Hamilton to study in the colonies. Hamilton was sent to New York, where he entered Kings College (PBS). Hamilton was non-stop with his work and his ambition drove him to powerful positions in the army and government. He became very powerful. Hamilton was determined to succeed at anything and everything that he did. For example, Hamilton was brought into New York to study at one of the most prestigious schools at the time. In 1773, Hamilton had entered Kings College at age sixteen.

His determination gave him the strength to work hard and that got him amazing positions at a very young age. Using his determination amongst other things, Hamilton was able to graduate early from Kings College (PBS). In addition to being a very determined graduate, he was also very determined to find someone to spend the rest of his life with. While serving in the revolutionary war, Alexander had met a woman by the name of Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler. She was a wealthy woman with two sisters, Angelica and Margarita, and a father who was a powerful military officer. After exchanging letters for a while, they got married in 1780.

George and Martha Washington threw the newlyweds a wedding party to celebrate (Kent 49). Their marriage would be quite happy for a while until an affair with Maria Reynolds changed that. After looking at letters sent and received by Hamilton, he appeared to have slight romantic relations to multiple people. Some notable people he commonly flirted with were Elizabeth’s sister Angelica, and one of Hamilton’s few friends, John Laurens. In a letter, Hamilton said, “… I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. (Founders).

Hamilton was also brought to a high army rank because he was determined and a leader. Hamilton once said, “there is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism. ” Hamilton wanted to rise up to become part of a free country. He was determined to win the war; George Washington saw this determination and leadership. Hamilton was offered to be part of Washington’s staff. Hamilton accepted the offer. Hamilton was immediately brought to the financial and organizational problems and quickly got to work.