The Ethics Of Factory Farming

I am exploring the topic of factory farming. A factory farm raises large quantities of livestock in confined spaces for maximum profit. The livestock are treated with hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and maximize their growth. Farm factories use feedlots to feed livestock grain to cause quicker weight gain prior to slaughter. The antibiotics … Read more

Cultured Meat Essay

1. Describe some of the reasons that scientists are trying to produce cultured meat. Do you think that these are valid concerns? Why or why not? As the articles mention and explain, “The meat industry is a huge contributor to humanity’s environmental footprint, accounting for some 18% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. And that … Read more

Factory Farming Essay

Introduction Factory farming is a cheap and effective way to ensure that everyone can have affordable access to various meats. It’s an advanced system that optimizes food output as quickly as possible to keep up with the global demand for more protein rich food sources. However, diseases flourish with how factory farming is modeled. This … Read more

Maasai Tribe Research Paper

The Maasai tribe is located in East Africa and live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They cover around 160,000 square kilometers of land along the Great Rift Valley. They have a population of roughly a half million people (The Maasai People). The tribe is considered as pastoralists because their existence is dependent upon the … Read more