Diamond Mining Harmful To The Environment Essay

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, including diamonds and gold. Diamond mining is an important industry in Africa, contributing to the economic development of the region. Africa is the world’s largest producer of diamonds, accounting for about 30% of global production. Gold is also a significant mineral resource in Africa, with production occurring … Read more

Mansa Musa Effect On Africa Essay

Mansa Musa was one of the most powerful and influential rulers of Africa in the medieval period. His reign saw the flourishing of the Mali Empire, which at its height was one of the largest empires in the world. Mansa Musa’s impact on Africa was far-reaching, and his legacy is still evident today. Under Mansa … Read more

Trade Networks Between Africa And Eurasia

India was a major hub for trade between Africa and Eurasia from 300 CE to 1450 CE. Goods from India were traded to Europe and Asia, and goods from Africa were traded to India. This trade was essential for the economic development of both regions. The trade networks between India and the rest of Eurasia … Read more

FGM: Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a harmful traditional practice that involves the partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia. It is typically carried out on girls between the ages of 4 and 14, although it can be performed on women of any age. FGM has no health benefits and can cause a range … Read more

Leaving Africa Dbq

As many say, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This statement is compatible to not only people and jobs, but to countries. If countries never came together and kept themselves isolated in their own world, those places never get the opportunity to learn and strive for greatness, as well … Read more

Maasai Tribe Research Paper

The Maasai tribe is located in East Africa and live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They cover around 160,000 square kilometers of land along the Great Rift Valley. They have a population of roughly a half million people (The Maasai People). The tribe is considered as pastoralists because their existence is dependent upon the … Read more

The Importance Of Trophy-Hunting In Africa Essay

Trophy hunting of lions is a sensitive topic with controversial undertones due to the players involved. Most of the world’s lions can be found in Africa, and it is here that these hunting safaris take place. Large portions of the people that participate in these expeditions are American citizens, and the trophies are exported back … Read more

Colonialism In Africa Essay

10. Africa and the International Community The continent of Africa has faced and continues to deal with many problems due to its geography, colonialism, and economic exploitation. Africa contains roughly 1/3 of the primary commodities in the world, yet it is one of the poorest regions. Geography on the African continent is diverse from deserts … Read more

Bidjogo Analysis Essay

The Bissagos Islands on the Atlantic coast of Guinea-Bissau are home to the Bidjogo peoples. Similar to other African peoples, the Bidjogo possess unique forms of art. The dugn’be “the ox raised in the village” mask is a rather intriguing piece of art. The mask is commonly used in initiation ceremonies. This mask, made in … Read more