Political Reasons For European Exploration

Europe had been exploring the world long before the age of colonialism. However, the economic and political climate of Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries created an environment that was ripe for colonial expansion. The Spanish were at the forefront of European exploration and colonialism during this time period. They were motivated by a … Read more

Life In Colonial Times Essay

Colonial Williamsburg represents life in colonial times with colonial buildings, architecture, and performances. The Capitol, built in 1705 and constructed by the contractor, Henry Cary, has helped build the new nation during the Revolutionary War era, now known as the United States of America. The representatives at the Capitol were at the oldest representative assembly … Read more

Amana Colony Summary Research Paper

Inspirationism, the belief God still speaks to his followers through Werkzeuge’s. Werkzeuge’s were people whom God spoke through (“Amana Colonies Most Frequently Asked Questions”). This was the belief of the German-speaking European settlers who came to the United States and created the Amana Colony (United States). The Amana Colony like many minorities faced an abundant … Read more

Early Jamestown Dbq Essay

They were destined to die. In the early spring of 1607, the people of England sailed to the East Coast of Virginia. Sailing to the mouth of the Chesapeake bay, and working their way up the James River. The settlers came to the New World with expectations that were unbelievably high, and with a strong … Read more

Sexuality In Colonial America Essay

In the Colonial America time period, the understanding of sexuality within the colonies changed time after time. Each colony had their own set of beliefs as well as values in all aspects of life. More times than not, you understood the beliefs and values through the actions and behavior of each member within that colony. … Read more