Medea Feminism

Euripides is considered one of the great tragedians of Ancient Greece, and his play Medea is no exception. The story of a woman who takes revenge on her unfaithful husband by murdering their children, Medea has been interpreted in many ways over the years. Some have seen her as a feminist heroine, while others have … Read more

Comparing Odysseus and Medea

When it comes to comparing Odysseus and Medea, there are a few things that stand out right away. For one, Odysseus is known for his cunning and cleverness, while Medea is known for her ruthless tendencies. Additionally, Odysseus was able to successfully return home after a long journey fraught with peril, while Medea killed her … Read more

Medea vs. Antigone: Compare

Medea and Antigone are two tragic figures from Greek mythology. Medea is a sorceress who helps Jason steal the Golden Fleece and kills her own children to revenge her husband’s betrayal. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus who defy’s Creon’s order not to bury her brother resulting in her own death. Both women share similar … Read more

Medea Gender Roles

Medea is a play by Euripides that was written in 431 BC. The play tells the story of Medea, a woman who has been scorned by her husband Jason. Medea takes revenge on Jason by killing their children. One of the most interesting aspects of Medea is the way that it challenges traditional gender roles. … Read more

Medea Essay

Medea, written by Euripides in 431 B.C., is the story of Medea (Greek: Μήδεια), a woman scorned by her unfaithful husband Jason, who vows revenge not only against him but all that he holds dear including his new wife and family. Medea was originally written as a tragedy, but it has also been adapted to … Read more

Feminism In Medea

Medea is one of Euripides’ plays written in 431 BC. Medea, described within the text as an abandoned wealthy woman, decides to take revenge on her husband, Jason for leaving her with their two children. Medea’s actions are considered by many to be monstrous even though she was betrayed by her husband, who took another … Read more

Gender Roles In Medea

” Medea ” is a tragedy written by the Greek playwright Euripides, who won his first victory for this work. The story is about Medea, a princess from Colchis (modern Georgia) who marries Jason of Iolcus and becomes a prominent person in his kingdom. Medea gives up her status as Queen to exile herself with … Read more