Is Antigone A Feminist Play

Antigone is an Ancient Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. It was first performed around 441 B. C. , and it depicts the struggle between Antigone, a heroine of the play, and Creon, her uncle who happens to be King of Thebes at that time. Their struggles are based on their interpretation of religious and moral … Read more

Is Antigone A Feminist Play

Antigone is an ancient Greek play written by Sophocles that follows Antigone, a young woman who chooses to defy the laws of Thebes in order to bury her brother. Antigone is viewed as a feminist play by some and as anti-feminist by others because she defies a law that would ultimately benefit her sister, Ismene’s … Read more

Antigone Civil Disobedience Essay

A long time ago, in a place far away called Greece, Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, was faced with an impossible decision. Antigone’s brother Polyneikes had died in battle for his country. Antigone’s two brothers fought on opposite sides of the war – one for their native Thebes and the other for their country’s arch … Read more

Catharsis In Antigone

Antigone, by Sophocles, is a tragedy about family loyalty and respect for the dead. Antigone respects her brother’s wishes to be buried where she thinks he should be laid to rest. Antigone follows her moral code in these actions, not realizing that she will be severely punished. The use of the chorus was very important … Read more

Antigone vs Creon

Antigone (Greek: Antígona, “acting against”) is a tragedy by Sophocles written in or before 441 BC. It portrays the conflict between Antigone and Creon, two rulers of Thebes. Antigone has been condemned to death because she has illegally buried her brother Polynices who attacked the city of Thebes as part of the war that led … Read more

Theme Of Antigone

Antigone can be summarized as a play where Antigone and her uncle, Creon, have different ideas on how to properly do certain things. Antigone is the tragic hero of the story is crushed by Creon for her beliefs. In Antigone, Sophocles shows that Antigone is a good person who does what she believes to be … Read more

How is Creon a tragic hero

Creon is the tragic hero because of his error in judgment and his tragic flaw. Antigone is the main character and Creon is Antigone’s uncle, they live in a place called Thebes and Antigone needs to bury her brother but Creon doesn’t want Antigone to do so because it would be disrespectful to leave him … Read more

Antigone Movie Analysis Research Paper

Rendition of Antigone proposal by Director: Dawson Gundlah For my rendition of the famous play of Antigone from the Oedipus Trilogy I propose a new age adaptation to the play. I propose we make it a little more fun, and lighter, but we should not change what the play supposed to do and that was … Read more

Antigone’s Tragic Hero

This analysis is to determine the character that fits the tragic hero profile; it was completely based according to the Aristotelian idea of tragic hero and it is understood that hero is: “… neither purely evil or purely wicked; the hero must born in the high social status, and he/she must possess a tragic flaw … Read more