Andre’s Mother

Andre’s Mother, is a play by Terrence McNally. The play is about a mother, Mrs. Bickett, and her son Andre. Andre has died of AIDS and Mrs. Bickett is struggling to deal with her grief. The play follows Mrs. Bickett as she tries to come to terms with her son’s death and how it affects … Read more

The play Othello by William Shakespeare

Othello is a play by William Shakespeare. The play is about the titular character, Othello, a Moorish general in the service of Venice. Othello is tricked into believing that his wife, Desdemona, has been unfaithful to him, and in a fit of jealous rage, he kills her. The play deals with themes of race, jealousy, … Read more

Blood and Water

William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is full of blood and water. From the murder of Duncan to the final battle, blood is everywhere. And water is used to clean up the mess. But what does all this blood and water mean? Some say that the blood represents the violence and bloodshed of the play. Others say … Read more

Blind Ambition in Macbeth

Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare about a Scottish lord who murders the king in order to take the throne. Macbeth is consumed with ambition and his desire for power blinds him to the consequences of his actions. He pays for his crimes with his life, but not before causing immense bloodshed and … Read more

Deception In Fences Essay

In August Wilson’s play Fences, the characters engage in various acts of deception. Troy, for example, deceives his son Cory by telling him that he was a great baseball player in his day. Rose also deceives her husband Troy by keeping secrets from him, such as her affair with Jim Bono. Finally, Troy deceives himself … Read more

Arms and the Man

Arms and the Man is a play by George Bernard Shaw that was first performed in 1894. The play tells the story of a young man named Bluntschli who is fighting in the Serbo-Bulgarian War. He flees to Switzerland and meets a woman named Raina. Bluntschli reveals that he was not really fighting in the … Read more

Family In A Doll’s House

A Doll’s House is a play by Henrik Ibsen that tells the story of a family in crisis. The play centers on Nora, a wife and mother who feels trapped in her marriage. Nora’s husband, Torvald, is a successful man who is more concerned with appearances than with his wife’s happiness. Nora’s children are also … Read more

Cyrano De Bergerac Short Summary

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play written by Edmond Rostand. It tells the story of Cyrano, a man with an impressively large nose who falls in love with his cousin Roxane. Cyrano uses his quick wit and sharp tongue to woo Roxane on behalf of Christian, a handsome but shy young man who is too … Read more

Fences Essay Topics

In Fences, by August Wilson, deception is a key theme that is explored. This is most notably seen in the relationships between Troy and his son, Cory, and between Troy and Rose. Troy often deceives Cory by not telling him the truth about his life and what he has done. For example, Troy hides the … Read more

Is Antigone A Feminist Play

Some people argue that Antigone is a feminist play. Antigone, the main character, challenges the traditional gender roles of her time and stands up for what she believes in, even if it means going against society. She is willing to fight and die for what she believes in, which is a very powerful statement. Antigone … Read more

Cyrano De Bergerac Roxanne Movie

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand. Cyrano de Bergerac is considered one of the most well-known plays of Cyrano de Bergerac (a fictional character created by Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmond Rostand’s creation). Common knowledge may include Cyrano as the character who tragically dies at the end of his play … Read more

Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf Essay

Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf is the play that made Edward Albee famous. It was first performed on October 13, 1962 and directed by Alan Schneider at The Billy Rose Theatre in New York City and was presented by Arthur Hill and Kermit Bloomgarden. It won the 1963 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award … Read more

Hamlet Madness Essay

Hamlet’s madness is a key element to the play Hamlet. Hamlet, the protagonist of Hamlet, becomes depressed and horrified after discovering that his uncle Claudius has murdered his father and married Hamlet’s mother. Hamlet seeks revenge on Claudius for this transgression but feels like he has lost all agency because he can’t be sure if … Read more

Play Based Learning Essay

Education research identifies the various opportunities that play based learning presents to children. There are specific types of this method of instruction such as outdoor play and sociodramatic play. The kids are influenced and exceptionally effected by the interaction and engagement that play based learning presents. In addition, creating pretend issues and resolving them is … Read more

Doubt John Patrick Shanley Doubt Analysis Essay

“I have been led by the bitter necessities of an interesting life to value the age-old practice of the wise: Doubt” (Shanley 6). The words of John Patrick Shanley about doubt resonates the belief of the people. Many often belief that doubting is the easiest thing to do. Not to believe is simple to do … Read more

The Elephant Man Play Analysis Essay

The production of The Elephant Man was absolutely breathtaking. It could be easily inferred that everyone involved put their very heart and souls into bringing this play to life. It truly was a phenomenon, probably never to be replicated ever again. No matter how many weekends the show continues. Indeed, going into the play, I … Read more

The Shoe Horn Sonata Essay

Connecting to others past experiences through distinctively visual elements allows the responder to mentally visualise images evoking an emotional and historical connection with the story, as they’re brought to life. “The Shoe Horn Sonata”, a play by John Misto establishes these experiences through the eye witnesses of the Australian nurses. In addition to Angelina Jolie’s … Read more

Themes Of William Cooper’s Town Power And Persuasion Essay

William Cooper’s Town: Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early Republic is an amazing piece of historical writing. Alan Taylor, the author of this non-fiction work, engages the reader with detailed descriptions and thoroughly researched facts, bringing the society of New York in the 1780’s and 1790’s to life. The book portrays the … Read more

John Guare’s play Six Degrees of Separation

The Theatre department at Stony Brook University recently reenacted John Guare’s play Six Degrees of Separation. These talented young actors and actresses did a truly fabulous job of presenting each of the individual characters and their personalities. Although there were a few minor mistakes along the way the play turned out to be quite funny, … Read more