Renaissance Essay

The Renaissance period in European history was a time of great cultural change. It began in the 14th century and lasted until the 16th. The Renaissance led to an increase in literature, art, music, science, exploration, and technology. The Renaissance began in Italy around 1345 when many people were seeking knowledge that had been lost … Read more

Renaissance Art Essay

There is a prevailing argument that artists during the renaissance matured, from mere craftsman into creative intellectuals, and the process of producing art grew into a philosophical endeavor. Before these statements are explored further, perhaps the literal meaning behind these words should be investigated. What is the difference between a craftsman and a creative intellectual, … Read more

Ghibertis Influence On Donatello Essay

Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi properly known as, Donatello could be considered a very mysterious man. For one thing, his exact date of his birth continues to be an unanswered question for scholars (cite); though, he is dated to have been born around 1386 in Florence, Italy (cite). Donatello was influenced by his father’s … Read more

Humanism DBQ Essay

All across the continent of Europe, darkness and death greets every living soul. The Bubonic Plague has obliterated over a third of the population in less than a five year period. The Middle Ages had been ongoing in Europe for nearly a thousand years, and original Greek and Roman culture had been forgotten. All had … Read more

Golden Ratio Research Paper

Name: Marina Thomas Date: 10/17/14 Research Paper Draft Topic:The Golden Ratio So why is it that Angelina Jolie is so gorgeous or why is the Mona Lisa a perfect work of art? Art and beauty is just one of the many pleasures of life. However, it is unlikely for someone to ponder on the detail … Read more

Hat Rack Analysis Essay

Suspended from the ceiling of the Art Institute of Chicago’s modern wing, and illuminated from the center of the room, Hat Rack (original 1917, 1964 recreation, image 1) hangs from the ceiling, casting shadows upon the wall, which resemble curved shapes protruding outward into space. Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made, Hat Rack is fashioned out of day-to-day … Read more