Differences Between German And Italian Unification

The Unification of Italy and Germany were two very different processes. Italy was unified by a series of small states, while Germany was unified by a single powerful state. Italy’s unification was also more complex, as it had to deal with the Pope and other religious leaders. Finally, Italy’s unification was more violent, while Germany’s … Read more

The Italian Renaissance

The Renaissance was a name given to period of history. Renaissance means a ‘rebirth’. The Renaissance movement that originated in Italy during the end of the middle Ages, explains “Medieval and Modern History. ” It served as a rebirth in education, art, and technology . this created a new culture. One must wonder why Italy … Read more

Humanism DBQ Essay

All across the continent of Europe, darkness and death greets every living soul. The Bubonic Plague has obliterated over a third of the population in less than a five year period. The Middle Ages had been ongoing in Europe for nearly a thousand years, and original Greek and Roman culture had been forgotten. All had … Read more