Elizabethan Sonnets Essay

The Elizabethan Age was a time of great change and progress. It was during this time that many of the Elizabethans’ greatest works were written, including sonnets. Sonnets are poems that typically have 14 lines and follow a specific, rhyming pattern. They are often about love and other emotions, and can be interpreted in many … Read more

Elizabethan Era Medicine

Medicine and health were of great importance in Elizabethan times. Although there were no hospitals as we know them today, there were plenty of medical practitioners who could be consulted for a wide range of ailments. Herbs and other natural remedies were also commonly used to treat illnesses. Hygiene was also crucial in preventing the … Read more

Health In The Elizabethan Era

Health (and medicine) during the Elizabethan era was often dictated by social class and gender, with the lower classes more easily succumbing to illnesses. Men were considered superior to women in both health and intellect, although some people believed that women had a special connection with their own bodies. Health also depended upon one’s social … Read more