Frank Churchill

The relationship between Emma and Frank Churchill is significant for a number of reasons. First, it demonstrates Jane Austen’s skill as a novelist in creating believable and intriguing characters. Second, the relationship highlights the importance of relationships in Austen’s novels. Third, the relationship between Emma and Frank Churchill helps to further the plot of the … Read more

Aristotle Golden Mean Essay

Aristotle’s Golden Mean is a concept from ethics that suggests that the virtuous path in life lies between two extremes. On one side is excess, and on the other side is deficiency. The Golden Mean represents the middle ground between these two extremesFor example, if we consider the virtue of courage, Aristotle would say that … Read more

Essay on The Role Of Cheating In Nicomachean Ethics

Cheating on an academic assignment can come in many forms. Stealing someone’s words or ideas and pretending they are one’s own, original composition is cheating. Falsifying numbers or data sets on a formal lab report is cheating. Copying a neighbors answers on an exam is cheating. Cheating and academic dishonesty are often the first things … Read more

Deontology And Virtue Theories Essay

Out of the three theories that we looked at the second half of the semester, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue, I think the virtue theory is the most accurate of them all. The theory says a person is determined good or bad based on their character. I think that is most accurate because if a person … Read more