Personal Narrative: My Interview With Kelsey

I began our interview by first asking Kelsey, “What is your view or definition of good character? ” She replied, “I think it is honesty, integrity, humility, and being true to who you are. Someone who is authentic. ” She recalled a time as a young intern in the southwest conference when her boss didn’t always make decisions that everyone agreed with but he was fair. Her experience as his intern shaped her to be a stickler for fairness, equity, and honesty. Kelsey continued by saying, “We have our faults. You may not always like what I say.

I may devour too much or not enough, but whatever is going to come out is going to be honest. Kelsey also defined good character as hard-working and connectedness. I asked, “What qualities do you like to see in others? For example, the volunteers of your foundation. ” She replied, “I want someone who is going to be hard working. Whatever it is they are going to get in and try. I don’t care if you know how to do it or do not know how to do it, if you put in the effort I think that is important. Again, be honest about yourself and abilities. ” In addition, Kelsey believes connectedness is important yet she admitted that she lacks in this character trait. Similar to me, I am an only child.

She expressed, “I loved being an only child. I learned to be a very independent worker. ” Kelsey then shared with me with a time when her hard-working attitude and lack of connectedness was specifically challenged. Two advertisement agencies had merged and the presidents of both companies attended the staff meeting. She presented her design for a new logo but the result was that they really dislike her worked. Kelsey was devastated but learned she had to separate her personal feeling. By taking ownership of her mistakes she was surprised to learn that her peers and supervisors said to her, “It is okay. We will fix it together. From this experience she learned to be more dependent and honest.

Kelsey believes teaching is an effective way to develop and encourage good character. Kelsey’s contributed most of what she has been taught to her parents, Dean and Irene. She recalled that her parents always showed a good attitude and installed that quality in her. Kelsey continued to explain that an effective way to develop and encourage good character is by both showing kids and telling kids. For example, Kelsey works in the library. She will tell a child to return the book on-time because someone else will want to read the book too.

She concluded her example by saying, “And so, you lead by example but you also have to explain. ” Kelsey expressed to me her love for teaching people new things which is motivated by passion. She believes in order to be able to teach good character effectively you need to find passion. She explained that both her dad and her husband have influenced passion in her life. “Passion is something that Gary and I talk about a lot. I grew up with a dad who has always been passionate about his work with aerospace and then I married a man who is obviously passionate about football… and you have to have hope.

She advise me that at my age this is why it is important for me to be an honest and a hard-worker because by doing so I will have opportunities to be in a career that I am passionate about. Furthermore, Kelsey taught me that there are small personal steps that Gary and she take to effectively develop their good character. First, they are aware that they are held to a high standard. “When people are looking up to you for direction or a reaction, you have to stop and ask yourself how you feel about the situation and decide how you are going to show it,” she said. We agreed in our interview to call this step a personal time out.

Second, they have to decide if they are disappointed in the situation or disappointed in the person. She continued by explaining, “To distinguish between the two you have to process if the person put in effort, did the person try, are they being honest. As a leader, did you give them something that is too big to manage? ” Kelsey believes that when you work with a person of good character you are rarely disappointed with the person, but instead you are disappointed with the situation and the outcome. Third, be flexible. She defined flexible as the ability not to crater. If people are flexible than they won’t be intimidated by change.

Finally, they cannot compare their selves to other people. I agreed when she said, “It is important to connect with people who understand you, appreciate you, and support what you want. ” To conclude our interview, I asked Kelsey to imagine me as not 26 year old ReillyJo, but as 26 year old Kelsey. “What advice would you give her? ” I asked. What she said next has left a great impact on my life. “Looking back this is such a fun time in your life but you are always looking to say who I am going to be, what is next? Instead, say who am I and what am I doing right now? You think you know more that you do and need to be a CEO.

You are ambitious. Don’t limit yourself. Be willing to work hard. Determination. Effort. Whatever you do put good effort into it. ” Similar to Kelsey I have learned that life is not a series of perfect events but imperfect events. We both have experienced difficult situations that taught us that we do not get somewhere in a straight line. Life is not about being perfect, it is about being persistent. If I continue to be honest and persistent like Kelsey then I will discover personal joy and happiness as she has. Before this interview my first thought of Kelsey was philanthropist.

I still attribute that to her but now I also think of Kelsey as a passionate teacher. In conclusion, this interview helped me to realize that I have so much in front of me. Kelsey advised me to do everything but do not do everything. Meaning, I have the opportunity to do anything I want to do but I should not try it all. To find happiness, joy, and peace I need to look for something or people that make me happy. What I will remember the most from this interview is when Kelsey said to me, “Do not be afraid to change direction. ” This advice has inspired me to go worth in my life striving to be a honest, fair, optimistic, and humble being.