Analysis: Why We Should Quitt School Essay

The issue analyzed by this paper is whether people/I should quit school because they think is a waste of time. For example, I have friends who have told me that they want to drop out of college due to the fact that their jobs they have and also because school is a waste of time for them. It is really tough to whether decide to quit school due to a job or because it is a waste of time so I wonder if whether I should quit school? Bentham argues about the pleasures and how we might or might not be hurting.

He states “It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as to determine what we shall do. ” (Bentham PowerPoint). What this means is that we all know what we have to do and what we think about doing and if it is good or bad decisions and whether we like it or not. As I was making the decision on quitting school, my mom talked to me that if I quit school, I would be hurting her because her dream was for me and my brothers and sister to succeed in school and get a good education and a good career.

My mom does not want to see me suffer all my life. I began to think and at first I liked how I was thinking about quitting school in order to work, but then made me realize that school is worth more than dropping because later on in life I will be rewarded with a good education and a high paying job and won’t suffer. I will also make my mom and family happy. My mom’s purity is -3 on the chart because if my mom sees me quit school, she will be sad and in pain seeing me not have a good education.

To me my duration is +1 because to me if I do quit school, my pleasure will last for a bit because I would rather not quit school even though I think it would be nice to not worry about exams and homework Me Mom (Kathy) Prof. (Palomo) Intensity 2 -9 -3 Duration 1 -4 -4 Certainty -4 -7 -2 Nearness 0 -7 -6 Fecundity 0 -3 -1 Purity -1 -3 -5 Grand Total = __ -4 -33 -21 assignments. He thinks that we all know what we have to do and what we want as human beings. Throughout the chapter The Categorical Imperative, Kant talks about his own point of view among people and also his point of his universal law.

He has theories and one of his quotes for categorical imperative is “Act only on that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law” (Kant 105). What he argues about his quote is that if you want someone or others to do good, then you first will have to do well to them. You think first before doing your actions, and you begin to do your actions later. One example would be my first year in college. I was still undecided of what major I wanted. I then started thinking if I should just quit school and get a job, or should I stay in school and continue my education.

As I asked myself that question, I began to think about the consequences of quitting in school and not quitting. By quitting school, I would have lack of education, and also won’t have a high paying job. If I stay in school and not quit, we then see that by staying in school will result in a better education. I will also get a good job with better payment. I also thought about the influences I would give to my brothers of quitting or not quitting school. There is good and bad for quitting and not quitting school.

The point of view that came up to my head was that how each of us create our own universal law. Universal law is your own law and how it can affect everyone around you. So he thinks that by thinking first about anything we want, will end up becoming our universal law and the actions will come later on. Mill argues that we are who we are and what our happiness is. He talks about Utilitarianism and how it requires to what we will produce for the greatest balance of pleasures over pain. Utilitarianism is characterized with two elements which are happiness and consequentialism.

He argues that the access should be expanded to the higher pleasures, because to do so it would increase the people’s capacity of happiness. Mill defends utilitarianism. He states that “Capacity for the nobler feelings is in the most natures a very tender plant, easily killed, not only by hostile influences, but by mere want of substance… (Mill 117). He means that a plant needs water, sun and fertilizer to survive. If you put too much of one thing, the plant will die. In real life, whoever you hang out with and spend most of your time with, that’s who you are. It is like you plant a seed with that group and it keeps on reproducing.

An example for this quote is when it was freshman year in college, I had a lot of friends who had dropped out of college because of work and also had to take care of their children. As I would hang out with them I was beginning to think about dropping out of college as well. The reason why I began to think about quitting school was because I was hanging around with people that didn’t like school and had quit school. I began to be like them and I began to change and think about quitting school. So he thinks Utilitarian happiness is one of the biggest happiness in which every human being looks for in life.

By happiness, he means pleasure and the absence of pain in other words that what makes you happy, you will not be hurt or feel bad. In conclusion, I would not quit school because after the quotes and ideas and based from the Analysis paper, I will not succeed and I will make a bad influence on my children for quitting school. Just because I have friends that quit school because they were lazy and due to work doesn’t mean that I too will quit. We all have our own Universal laws and our goals to achieve. I discovered that you think first before the actions come later through the point that Kant made.

You also will learn to do good first to anyone and they will do the same thing. If you respect and do the right things, then people will also respect you and know that you are a well human being. This also goes for when thinking first and actions come later. The way we think is also part of who we are. If you think smart and positive things like staying in school and not quitting, a reward which will be a good education and will earn a lot of money. Mill points out about how a plant needs water, fertilizer, and sun to survive, but if any of those 3 are added too much, then the plant will die.

This made me realize that with the people we hang out with are the way we are. I realized that I was hanging out with the wrong people and I was starting to think about dropping and quit school. By quitting school, we then will have trouble finding a job and lack of education. My chart analysis grand totals came out to be all negative. This means that I should not quit school and to continue on getting an education and achieve my goals in becoming a mechanical engineer and to make my family proud of me.