Argumentative Essay: Do Minors Exist?

One thing to remember is that, as the laws are currently written (both federal and state), sending nude pictures of minors is defined as either child pornography or sexual exploitation of a minor. Which, of course, leads to absurdities like that case in North Carolina (wasn’t it? ) wherein two teenagers are charged as adults with sexual exploitation of a minor – said minors being themselves – because the law allows prosecution of those between sixteen and eighteen as adults in criminal cases, but treats them as minors in matters sexual.

I truly doubt that the Enterprise (should it actually exist) could ever enter atmosphere nd survive, much less maneuver. Re your comment to Tom McG: As i pointed out, taking, sending/distributing or possessing nude pictures of minors is/can be legally child pornography. Regarding swastika-handedness: i remember a “Night Stalker” episode that had lots and lots of swastikas on walls either where the Monster of the Week had been summoned, or where it had struck. (I forget. ) T recall thinking “Hey! Look at that – some of those go one way, some go the other way! Talking about right- wing rhetoric that demonises Muslims and reminds one of anti- semitic Nazi propaganda calls to mind an article in the Washington Post that i read just yesterday. The article was about a court decision requiring NYC’s MTA to carry those posters on its buses and subways. The article talks about the case: Personally, in a city like NYC, given its ethnic makeup and a few earlier instances i can think of, i’d be more inclined to expect any violence incited by hate propaganda like this to be against Muslims.

Further: AFDI is not your traditional free speech organization, however. The “about” section on its Web site starts out pretty straightforward, then takes a very hard turn. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers AFDI an “anti- Muslim” hate group. These are the same people whose similarly hate-inspired/similarly posted under protest under court order bus cards in other cities were defaced (as i mentioned in an earlier zine) by having prints of Marvel’s new Ms Marvel (who is a Muslim teenager) pasted over them. I would love to attend MAC II. Very unlikely. I really need to Redbox The Martian.

You’re talking about the movie Hulk – the comics Hulk has, indeed, been from time to time mindless or stupid, and unaware of Banner, or regarded Banner as “the Other” who was out to stop/control Hulk. Well, a metal bra would certainly prevent any embarrassment from what it, being chilly, would ause… Well, the Saudi’s motives in letting the oil flow seem tobe (at least partially) to undercut shale oil production, (BTW: i just paid $1. 799 for gas. This is equivalent to – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ inflation calculator – 32? in 1972 dollars. I don’t think it was that cheap in 1972.

Okay. True – bakers don’t make bespoke cakes for “public sale”. What i should have said, i guess, is that anyone who is in a business in which he deals with the public is not allowed to discriminate – neither a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, barber nor chicken restaurant owner named Lester Maddox. If you are in retail rade, you have to deal with whoever walks through your door unless you have some overriding reason that the law will accept – say, you’re that barber, and someone who has an obvious case of lice comes in, you could probably get away with refusing to cut their hair.

If you are a baker who offers to bake wedding cakes for the public, then you are pretty much forbidden to refuse to bake one for Joe Random Customer just because you disapprove of his race, sex, prior condition of servitude, age or attitude. Now, if someone wants a cake that you can’t possibly produce underbudget and within schedule, you can tell them so nd suggest they go somewhere else or reconsider their choices, or simply say “I can’t do that” – but if you DO say that, it better be demonstrably true, or you may find yourself in trouble with the civil rights laws. Okay. “Greaseslapper”.

Sounds wrong. “Grease Lapper” sort of makes sense as a name. GRobe Yeah – your point about the devaluation of pointing to Hitler and the Nazis in political discourse A recent political cartoon made a specific Nazi analogy with some of Trump’s babbling, and i managed to make the first comment at the page and i said “To save the RWNJS the trouble – Godwin!. Unfortunately, it us the only really appropriate simile. ” Hmmm. I wonder if maybe our KIA might have a firmware update for the stereo that would fix the same “having to re- index everything every time” in its MP3 player1.

At least it doesn’t have to start all over unless i actually unplug the USB stick – otherwise it starts where it was, though it loses its “Random” setting. As you will have seen on Page 19 of Stealin’, earlier this mailing, your Ford’s SYNC system is capable of calling the cops and ratting you out for traffic offenses, all on its lonesome. Actually, i sort of suspect that the AutoMag 44 semi- uto pistol is more powerful than the S&W revolver – Harry uses one in a later film (which i haven’t seen). The 44 AutoMag with factory . 44 AMP ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps and a muzzle energy of 1120 ft-pounds.

With the . 357 barrel, handloaded rounds give up to 2000 fps and almost 1000 ft-lb). Best info i can find on the Smith2 says 1154 to 1360 fps (depending on the round) in the 6. 5-inch barrel. As i’ve said about Archie Comics – they’re probably the publisher doing the best with print comics; certainly they’re the only one i see digest- size books from at the supermarket checkout. As to issuing the book with twenty different covers – while it requires multiple print runs (for covers, at least), it also pretty much guarantees multiple sales per purchaser to a largish portion of their audience.

It’s much the same as the trick i recently mentioned that UK record companies used to use to keep their CD “singles” on the charts longer – only the “A” track on the CD was reported, but there were at least three others, so they would re-issue it several times with different non-album tracks or alternate mixes and people would buy it for those, keeping the “A” track on the charts longer. They’ll make money. Yeah, i found Prudence less interesting than the books about her parents.

I passed all of the Carriger books to Kate, and recommended that she read the Finishing School books between Books One and Two of the Parasol books, to fully appreciate Sidheag. Speaking of “Rhapsody in Blue” – a few years back, someone issued a brand-new fully digitally- mastered recording with the piano part done with a “reproducing” player piano that can reproduce the dynamics of an original performance – using a roll cut by Gershwin himself. I can’t recall whether i managed to hear it, and i can’t remember any details about the CD.