Argumentative Essay: Should Teenagers Work?

For a numerous amount of decades the question has always been, “Should teenagers work? ” Regardless of the many research that has been made, the question still has no conclusion. Many argue that teenagers should work because it makes them more responsible, but others argue that they shouldn’t because it distracts them from their education. So, should they or should they not be able to contain a job. In my opinion, I find it best for students to give full focus to their studies. So why do I believe students should not work? Personally, both school and work are extremely time consuming.

Yes, they are both a positive thing to do, but as a teenager there is more to life than just education and work. I do agree with the fact that maintaining a job will train the adolescent to become much more responsible and accountable for their actions, but we must remember that they are yet to be young adults. Afterall, being a young adult is what truly prepares you for adulthood. As a tenager you are expected to succesfully pass high school, be apart of a sport or club, participate in extracurricular activities, and complete all homework assignments.

In addition to this let’s remember that they are human too, they must have time to eat, rest, and keep a sanitary lifestyle. This may not seem like a lot, but all these activities do consume many hours, and all of this must be accomplished at least within 14-16 hours. Lets plan this out ! There are 24 hours in a day, we use 7 of them too sleep. We are left with 17 hours. Then 7 of them are spent in school, thus leaving us with generally ten hours. In addition to this some teens are apart of a sport, group, or after school classes, thus leaving us with 7-8 hours.

The teen must then arrive home and eat, do homework and be sanitary. Leaving us with 2-5 hours. If we expect our children to work during these few hours, they will eventually break their schedule to focus on work. Soon they will start leaving out homework. or the sport that gives them a healthier life or begin taking school less seriously. Lets also keep in mind, that energy is constantly needed. If a teen did not get enough rest or is still exhausted, this will be affecting their school hours because it is the first thing they attend to the following day.

According to the article, “ Teenagers’ Work Can Have Downsides” those who work tend to have a poorer academic performance and have a higher rate of behavioral problems. If we analyze this, it becomes a bit clearer that working doesn’t only affect the adolescents academic progress, but their behavior as well. According to the studies Jerald G. Bachman analyzed, those adolescents who work begin getting involved with delinquency, the use of cigarettes and additional drugs. In addition to this the article also states that to every new activity a person tries, there will be consequences and/or affects.

Besides these factors, it is also known that a couple of local employers do not offer a reasonable amount of work hours, nor understandings that some things have more priorities than the job does. As for my experience, I am a 15 year old adolescent who doesn’t have as many task. As a sophomore I go to school for 7 hours, afterwards I head home to eat for about an hour. After this, I instantly make my way to the gym for 2 hours and 30 minutes. After I shower for 30 minutes and do my homework which usually takes 2 – 2 ? hours.

Thus adding up to 20 hours of task, including my sleep. To me the day seems to go by in a flash,and soon after i’m dying to get to my bed and a catch a break. As for seniors and juniors, they are surely left with a larger amount of homework, in addition to this, many of them take additional college classes after school and are involved in a sport. Before we begin talking about time, let’s consider the fact that this is their senior and/or junior years. They are on the edge of graduating, their final grades do have the power to determine their entire future.

Therefore meaning they have a huge amount of pressure and stress built on them. Their focus at this point, must be consumed by their education. Their time must be consumed by their education. Senior year is no joke. If we keep in mind the amount of stress a job offers to adults, imagine the stress an adolescent may have. In conclusion, having a job means having stress and your time consumed. Overall, I believe adolescents shouldn’t have a job as they take their education. Their education must be their focal point in life at this time because it has the power to determine a student’s life.

In addition to this the lack of rest and the amount of stress may cause various health problems. Not only are the adolescents expected to deal with education and pressure, but we must keep in mind that they have ambitions as well. Whether it be being apart of a team or simply going out with friends, adolescents still have the pressure of figuring out their life and who they want to be. Lets not forget the amount of stress and depression society serves every teenager at least once. You were once a teenager, or you currently are one. Lets remember that being young is not a piece of cake.