Brief Summary: Django’s Life On The Plantation Essay

One hot summer night, Promise, Brown, Mumba, Gazee, Parri’mae, Junebug and Willie all came to an agreement that it was time for a change on the plantation. They decided to meet up with an old head slave name Django . Django was given a shed on the plantation years back, he has worked on the Bethune plantation since his previous family sold him for a woman slave in the city. Django attempted numerous times to escape the plantation but was unsuccessful due to the fact the he was alone and had nowhere to go. For his many attempts Django legs were amputated as a form of punishment.

Django would be a good source to the slaves for their escape. The slaves went to Django for guidance and clarity on how not to get caught while in attempt to escape the plantation. While giving the slaves instructions he also told them who Underground Railroad contact was there. He gave a vivid description of what to look for when they got to savannah. He told them that Ms. Johnsons house is tan with a white picket fence with purple drapes hanging in the window. He also mention for them to look for a lantern with a round glass around it in the right corner of the window.

After meeting up with Django the slaves put their plan into effect. On the next sunny evening there was a different feeling in the air on the plantation between the slaves. All of a sudden before dawn Brown falls out and the surrounding slaves ran to her aid. Mr. White yells out get back to work. We refused to do so. That’s when he decided to come over to see what’s the commotion is about. As Mr. White is inside of the crowded giving out orders Willie comes up behind him and stab him in the back.

Parri’mae and Benjamin took Mr. Whites body lifeless body and put it in a prepared ditch while the others went to the house to kill his family and gather supplies such as water, fruits, seasonings, skillet, machete, bread and black pepper for their escape. Benjamin and Parri’mae informed others slaves to take the main roads to the northern freedom. This would keep the white people off their trails for a while. The slaves said their final good byes and I love you’s and headed off into the moonlight. As days went by, food started to get scares. That left the slaves with no other option but to hunt and search for food in their surroundings.

Junebug stumble across an apple tree, he didn’t know what kind of tree it was at the moment. All he saw was big red juicy objects. So with him being hungry he decided to taste one. After biting into the delicious apple he yelled out to the others “Hey yalls l’s found an apple tree that looks bou’t right for picking”. They all came running to Junebug and the apple tree and had a feast on the apples. After having the apple feast the slaves grew tired and went to sleep, after waking up they gather up some extra apples and continued onto their escape.

But before heading out Ata sprinkled some black pepper to throw off their scent from the hunting dogs. After a few more days the slaves ran out of apples, Willie came upon a father deer and killed it for him and his fictive kin. Brown and Mumba prepared the meal with the items stolen from the slave plantation, with Mumba being from the islands she put together her best spice mix she learned to make for the white people food. After eating dinner the slaves went to sleep. All of a sudden there was this loud roar that woke them up. It was a bear!

Junebug jumped up and said, “I will stay and fight the critter. Ya’ll gon’ head and go”. Parri’mae tried to convince him he should leave with us but Junebug insisted that the group should go he will catch up. The slaves left without him. They started back on their escape, while on traveling Willie spotted the St. John River. He turned and stated, “Got’dawg we finally made it to the river”. Parri’mae asked “Hows we gone build it”? Ata told her, “Outta that tree bark regna”. The slaves started building the boat while humming little hums.

They use the machete to cut down the tree and the garden tools to shape and trim out the boat. They used the deer skin from earlier for the floor of the boat to prevent leakage. As the slaves was finishing up the boat, Ata whisper, “Junebug you’s alive, you’s alive”. Everbody turned around and greeted him. As the light went to dust the slaves got in the boat and headed north. To avoid getting caught the slaves only travel at night. After crossing the river the slaves notice the sun has risen, they headed to the woods for cover.

The slaves got up after hours of waiting for the sun to go down the slaves finally reached savannah, GA. Benjamin was looking worried Ata asked him, “Whats the matta”. Benjamin asked her, “Do you’s know where we are going”. Mumba said “We are in freeland”. He said, “Freeland, whats that”. She said “We are in Savanah, GA we free”. Then everyone with a smile of glory shouted, “Free at last finally free at last”. The slaves got off the boat and started searching for Mr. Smith house. Once they found Mr. Smith house they knocked on the door he asked who is it the fictive kin replied “Alive”.