What Is Harriet Tubman A Hero Essay

Strong is a phenomenal word to describe Mrs. Harriet Tubman: she fought through all of her challenges even though some brought her down. Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary heroine. She was extremely committed to reaching Canada and helping others to flee out of the slave states they were sold into. Harriet Tubman had many obstacles she had to overcome, this pushed her even more to move north. She was given a numerous amount of blessings as well. Along her journey there were people who would tell her go to this person and so she had done just that. People offered their assistance to guide her farther north to escape the slave patrollers.

Even though Harriet saved over three hundred slaves; there were many challenges thrown her way that accelerated her motivation to move farther forward. Harriet Tubman kept a tenacious grip on the thought of being able to be free. Nonetheless, she had many dry spells due to the brain damage the brick had done to her head. Yes, a brick collided with her head by the action of her master. This brain damage had made her faint randomly; for example, her and John Tubman were selling crops and she had fainted right then. That made her want to go as far away from her master as possible.

As well as the brick hitting her head, her sister Tilly, was sold into another plantation after her master told her mother that he would not split them apart. Nevertheless, she could not take the pain of seeing another family like hers be ripped apart so crucially. In the same week of this occurrence, Harriet herself was almost sold into a different plantation. Did you know that John Tubman had used her money that Harriet had saved for her own freedom, to pay off his own? Yes, it is in fact true, Johnathon Tubman paid for his freedom with her money because he did not have any at the time.

Harriet had walked across a river, she had found moss on the north side of a tree, and she had randomly fainted. No one knows for sure if she had or had not ever fainted in water; however, if she were to faint in water it only takes a few seconds to drown. It was only a couple days after Harriet fled from her plantation that there were wanted posters for her. With the wanted potters, there was as well, a $40,000 bounty over her head which terrified her. Although most of the challenges really put her down, Harriet Tubman had blessings going her way. The blessings of one Harriet Tubman were amazing little miracles to her.

For instance, her master allowed her to earn her own money to pay for her freedom. Harriet fixed up a little house, started to grow her crops, and John Tubman had asked her if she wanted to sell them with him. After that, Harriet was asked if she would happily take John to be her husband. She had said of course, but shortly after, Harriet headed North because John had passed. While heading north she had gone and lived in Philadelphia; giving to the poor. She had worked with a man to obtain goods, after a week or two in the north she felt it was her designated path to go and free her parents and others.

When she had brought her friends and family to the Underground Railroad, Frederick Douglas, had given Harriet a hand-written letter and tickets for the next train. She was truly grateful and thought that was the biggest miracle that had occurred so far. Despite the fact that Harriet was amazingly blessed with little miracles, she was offered other peoples’ assistance; which she had taken. A variety of people had offered to give a helping hand to Harriet, Harriet accepted all the help she could receive. They lead Harriet to Master Stuart being kind as they could be without blowing their cover.

There was this mistress who Harriet used to do laundry for and she had helped her to find the Underground Railroad. She had approached a river, they called him the Quaker man, he let her hop into his boat and he rowed her across the river. On the other side of the river, Harriet found moss on a tree. For those who do not know, moss only grows on the north side of a tree, that is how she knew she was on the right trail to the north. There was this amazing man who had helped Harriet to go to a man named Thomas Garrett who had assisted other slaves to freedom.

The man told her to dress up as a man and chew tobacco to pass the slave patrollers. It had worked and they were on their way to Mr. Garrett’s house. There she was provided with clothing, food, and the other basic necessities to stay alive. As Harriet had planned to go back and rescue the others, she had thought about where she was going to take them. She had thought about St. Catherine’s, Canada. She had set off and in the week she had returned to Thomas Garrett who had provided them all with preconditions that were needed to go to Canada.

On the other hand, Harriet Tubman had a prosperous little job and was phenomenal. An example of an outstanding leading lady is Harriet Tubman. Yes, there were a lot of obstacles she had to overcome to have reached her point, but she loved a good challenge. Harriet believed in god so incredibly hard that whenever something would go right, she thought it was god giving her a gift. There were many helpful people who gave service to Harriet Tubman in which she had accepted their benefits they granted to Mrs. Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a life saver and a fascinating woman!