Compare And Contrast Batman And The Joker Essay

The chronicles of Batman and The Joker continue to evolve in complexity for every generation. They are the ultimate good vs. evil who are equally as different as they are similar. Many will argue that they will continue the game they play infinitely, due to the rules they follow. Neither can exist without the other for there would be no arch nemesis for Batman to oppose. These two men are psychotic as well as brilliant which constantly creates a dilemma between the both of them. While Batman is spending his time keeping his city safe and assisting the police, The Joker is always hell bent on organizing anarchy and killing innocent civilians.

We can begin to understand and almost predict Batman, however, The Joker is a wild card who is extremely unpredictable and erratic making them a great juxtaposition for an everlasting story. Batman and The Joker are both vigilantes in their own right, however Batman is out to save his city of Gotham and protect the residents. Batman manages to fight for justice by nabbing these criminals in a way the police are unable to. Bruce Wayne is the man under the mask, and comes from an extremely wealthy family. When he was a child his parents were shot and killed in front of him.

His entire life has been spent with Alfred Pennyworth, a man who has taken care of him, taught him many things like protecting himself. Bruce Wayne has been referred to as the most intelligent man in the world. He is a man who cares about his community. The persona of Batman is an outlet for Bruce to basically take the law into his own hands. He does have bouts with depression and anxiety, among other things. He isn’t perfect by any standard, but his heart is in the right place.

He has flashbacks of his broken past and many imes his Post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, egomania, and maybe even substance abuse shine through. Think about all the pain emotionally and physically this man puts himself through. On the other end of Gotham city is The Joker living in Arkham Asylum. The Joker is trying to be the opposite of Batman, at the very least to annoy him. He definitely could have killed him by now, but not with brute strength. The Joker is intelligent like Batman however, he is not depressed or obsessive like Batman.

The Joker is much worse, he is intelligent paired with sadomasochism and schizophrenia to name a few. He is unpredictable, a wild card with a flair for theatrics, cunning too! The menace paints his face like a clown that suggests a friendly person, but he is anti-social with a love for fire and sharp objects. He has a lust for physical pain, and enjoys messing with people’s heads. The joker is a murdering psychopath with the intention of making some money to continue his anarchy, mayhem and destruction on the city of Gotham.

It’s interesting that The Joker will stop his activity when Batman is unable or inactive due to various reasons. He will almost resemble a normal man living a normal life like Bruce Wayne. I never lasts too long, even when Batman manages to lock The Joker up in jail. The problem is he has so many minion and cronies backing him that they always end up breaking him out of jail one way or another. There’s an idea that Batman and The Joker’s fight can never end. The fight between the two of them must carry on. Sure Batman has other enemies to fight.

The Joker could have killed him several times, but the story must go on. Batman could have killed The Joker as well, but that would make him equally as immoral and immortal as The Joker. He’s a hero remember? Well that just wouldn’t do, would it? The Joker is Batman’s arch Nemesis. Batman has a strict policy to never kill anyone, even the scum that might deserve it, everyone goes to jail. So it goes, and will continue because it can’t end. This is how the story has perpetuated fictitiously for more than 80 years! These two men o at it for our continued entertainment as they should.

While Batman uses his intelligence and strength to work on keeping the balance. The Joker is using his intelligence and psychopathic urges to continue the cycle of mayhem that is required for a battle between the two. The Joker is a nut with absolutely no grasp on reality, while Batman is dark with a questionable personality, but his heart is focused on justice. If these characters were real and I could ask each a question, I would ask The Joker who his tailor is, and I would ask Batman, why so serious?