Cool Runnings Essay

Cool Running is a documentary by Cool Runnings director Jonathon Hock. Cool Running follows three of America’s best marathon runners who are not good enough to compete in the Olympics. As they struggle for glory against better funded, younger competitors, Cool Running proves that talent isn’t all you need to succeed in athletics. The movie contains ten different scenes that all center around the theme of Cool Running. The setting in Cool Running is varied, with scenes in Africa, France, and America. Cool Running’s color palette contributes to its feel of urgency and constant motion.

Cool Running contains an introductory scene that does not contain any dialogue or sound effects, conveying the sense of excitement surrounding marathon running at the time. Cool Running has a lot of music accompanyment throughout but one could argue it actually adds to the film’s overall effect by creating mood through different styles of music. Many times Cool Running style can be characterized as dark since most scenes are either night time or indoors where lighting is more controlled. An example of Cool Runnings’ opening scene would have to include shots of children running barefoot in Africa, capturing the essence of Cool Running.

Cool Running also closely follows a person who doesn’t seem to be one of the main characters yet shows perseverance and dedication in Cool Running. Cool Runnings is what some people call a “Documentary” style film where Cool Running is filmed over a long period of time, highlighting both the highs and lows of Cool Running. In Cool Runnings, I think it’s safe to say that the scene with Jerry taking ice baths to help his recovery from injury would qualify as Cool Running. The movie ends on a high note following Jerry preparing for the Boston Marathon with fellow runners Daniel and John after their original third runner drops out due to injury.

The story line of Cool Running certainly brings one through an emotional roller coaster with feelings of pride, joy, and sadness. Cool Runnings is definitely an interesting story about what some people would consider “underdogs” (the three main characters) attempting to overcome the odds in Cool Running. Cool Running conveys messages of self-satisfaction, perseverance, and never giving up on one’s dreams. Cool Running contains no violence or foul language which I think contributes to making it accessible to all types of viewers both young and old alike.

As far as style goes, Cool Running is certainly unique for its time since most movies were skewed towards teenagers or more mature audiences. Cool Runnings does not contain any flashy effects that would be more typical in a modern film today but works perfectly fine without them. Cool Runnings’ sound design is on point with sped up music that seems to match the fast pace of Cool Running. Cool Running contains a lot of dialogue, some being drawn out and others being short blurbs. Cool Runnings is probably one of those movies where you either love it or hate it so I would say give Cool Running a watch if you haven’t seen it yet!

Derice wins the race and is chosen to compete in the Olympics. The next day, he wakes up to find out that his coach was sent back to England because of a traffic ticket. Everyone thinks this will destroy Derice’s hopes of winning gold but after training even harder with Cool Runnings (his friends), they are all prepared for what is ahead of them at the 1988 Olympics. Unfortunately they end up not qualifying, but it doesn’t break their spirit or determination.

Cool Runnings becomes famous around Jamaica and Derice gets an offer from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, to be Cool Runnings captain for an elite team called “Team Jamaica” who represent Jamaica at many different events around the world. accepts, and Cool Runnings becomes a star in Jamaica and around the world. Derice retires Cool Runnings for some years and eventually realizes that his old teammates need him so he decides to rejoin Cool Runnings and train once again with them. He comes back just in time for the Winter Olympics.

Cool Running is a movie starring Jon Cryer which was released in theaters on March 16, 1989. Cool running strikes me as an interesting movie because it has no violence or foul language for the majority of its run time. Cool Running was also made before Cryer started playing Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men . Cool Running is rated PG-13. Cool Running is about an elephant named Cool who develops intelligence after being struck by lightning. The setting takes place in Kenya where elephants are closely monitored due to their close proximity to humans.

It’s important to note that Cool runs away from his circus during this time period when he develops intelligence. This part happens exactly thirty minutes into the film which means we get almost thirty minutes of Cool not being intelligent. Cool still acts like an elephant during this time which is good because it gives Cool more characterization as an elephant. Cool’s intelligence comes back exactly one hour and forty minutes into the movie when he saves a group of people who are trapped in a burning mine by eating through the supports of the mine.

The name is taken from Disney’s “Cool Runnings” which was released three years before Cool Running. Cool Running, however, is not related to Cool Runnings other than the fact they have similar titles. A great example of irony can be found at seventeen minutes into Cool Running where Mr. Big states that elephants are held prisoner so circus patrons can watch them perform even though Cool was made to perform trick by his trainer to entertain people.

Cool Running is a great movie for families because it has no foul language, sex scenes, violence, or other offensive material that can be found in movies which are rated PG-13 or higher. Cool Running also has a very happy ending as Cool saves the seven stranded individuals from certain death and wins back the heart of his trainer. Cool Running was an incredible movie to watch and I believe Cool Running would make a similar impact on those who decide to watch it with their family.

Cool Running was not Cryer’s first acting role but it may have been one of his best since Cryer started playing Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men . The movie Cool Running was made in 1989 and Cryer started playing Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men in 2011. Cool Running is a great movie to watch with your family because it has no curse words, sex scenes, or violence. Cool Running would be a great movie for families to watch together as a way to spend time with one another. Cool Running also has a happy ending as Cool Runnings saves the life of his trainer while winning back her heart.

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