Creative Writing: Homeless Home

Finally it’s December 5th my anniversary with my wife, Maddie. Where should I take her. Do I take her to a romantic restaurant, take her to a flashback of our first date, take her to where we first met. Ah! I don’t know! I finally made a choice to take her to the 5 star restaurant with glass windows everywhere and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. We drove a black Honda to a parking lot. A man with the suit stood with the valet sign on the beautiful wooden brown podium. “Hey! ” he said. “ Hey! I replied respectfully. “Can you take my car? ” “Yeah, I sure will. “He replied. I handed my car keys to him. As I exited the car.

I then opened the black car door for my wife with blue eyes. Her bright black dress and her blonde curled hair blew against the wind as she exited the car. We walked inside the restaurant with men in suits in dress shoes and women in fancy bright sparkly dresses in heels. We went up to the man in the black suit behind the podium. “Hey! We are here for the reservations! ” I said “Alright! Whose name is it under? ” he asked. “Its under the name Caleb. ” “Alright, come this way! ” Maddie and I walked through the other customers of the restaurant and at the corner of my eye I saw an empty table by the window.

As we got closer to the table, I saw the Brooklyn Bridge filled with lights. I pulled out Maddie’s chair to allow her to sit and then I went to my seat and sat right in front of her. The candle stood in between us as the view of the Brooklyn Bridge stood in front of us. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a waitress approached us as we talked. The smell of the food slowly got stronger as the waitress got closer. “Here is the ribs for you and the smoked salmon for you. Have a nice dinner. ” she said. ‘Thank you! ” Maddie and I replied harmonizing our voices.

I cut into the ribs as the smell raised towards my nose and the meat started to fall of the bone. As we talk and reminisce about our adventures, we ate our dinner. We finished dinner and began to walk pass the other customers while they talked and enjoyed their dinner. We walked up the counter with the money in my hands ready to pay for a meal. “Hey! Can I pay my meal? ” I asked respectfully. “Yes, sure! Your meal was $377. ” waitress replied. As I counted the money onto the table. My heart started to beat questioning whether I have that much in cash. 100, 200, 300, 350, 380.

Just enough to pay the bill with 100 dollars to spare. I walked out with Maddie, both our arms linked together as we left. I opened the door and held it as she walked out. I released the door as I exited the restaurant with the leftovers in my hand. The valet gave me the car keys politely as the car parked in front of me. Like I’ve been doing all evening, I opened the door for Maddie and then shut it once she got it. I then walked to the driver’s side of the car and opened the door. As I got in I put the leftover on the dashboard and got in the car shutting the door behind me.

I turned on the car, put on my seat belt and began to drive back home. I drove passed an alley seeing a shadow from something. As I got closer, I saw something moving. Hey, what’s that guy doing I wondered. I stopped the car and parked it on the side of the streets. “Hey, what’s wrong Caleb? Why did you stop the car? ” Maddie questioned. “I saw a man in that alley way. I wonder what he is doing there. ” I replied. “Let’s go talk to him. ” We walked out the car into the pitch black alley way. The rain drops echoed as it fell into the rain gutter. My heart pounded wondering if we are going to get robbed.

I turned back only to see the car in an empty street with the lights from the street lamps shining down on the it. We approached a man in the shadow and as we got closer we saw that he was laying on top of the cardboard with some blankets filled with dirt and holes. His clothing was just like the blanket except more patches of dirt and some of the clothing began to fall apart. “Hey! What are you doing here? ” I asked. “Nothing, this is my home! ” he replied. “Why are you living in the alley? ” “Well… Few months ago my girlfriend dumped me and took all my belongings. I ended up with a few clothes and blankets.

“So, you just been living out here? ” “Yeah! I mean life here sucks, but you will get use to it,” “Have you eaten yet? ” “Not since last week. ” “Do you want some food? “Yeah I sure would. ” “Okay, my wife is gonna get you some leftovers. ” I signal Maddie to get the leftover food from dinner and give it to him. “Did you ever consider going to a homeless shelter or starting a brand new life by finding a job. ” “Yes, I have. But no one would hire me, because I looked dirty and homeless. Homeless shelter nearby are always full, there is no spot for me there. ”

“Hey I didn’t catch your name! ” My name is Bill. You know not much people would stop and talk to me. ” I smiled back. Maddie was walking towards us with the bag of food in one hand. She handed the food to Bill and he graciously took it. “Thank you! ” “Your welcome. Do you want to get you a homeless shelter? I can call in. ” “Yes, please. But only if its not wasting your time. ” “It’s no problem! ” I took my phone out of my pocket and began to dial the homeless shelter. I paced around the alley hoping they would say there is a spot. While Maddie and Bill looked at me trying to read the results out of my facial expression.

I ended the phone conversation and put the phone back in my pocket. “THERE IS A SPOT FOR YOU BILL! ” I said with excitement. Maddie and Bill’s face lit up as I told them the news. “Hey, Bill pack your stuff, I’ll drive you there! ” Maddie got into the car as I waited in the alley for Bill to pack. We walked together down the pitch dark alley to find my parked car sitting on the side of the road. I opened the back door for Bill to get in. I then began to drive. We approached to a building filled with lights seen from outside. We quickly saw the sign on the building and it read St.

George Homeless Shelter. “We’re here. We’ll walk you in Bill. ” We exited the car with Bill’s stuff. We entered St. George Homeless Shelter to find a front desk, to the left was the cafeteria and to the right were some of the rooms. We walked up to the front desk. “Hey! I called few minutes ago and you guys said they you have an extra spot. ” I asked. “Yes, for Bill right. ” the lady replied. “Yes! ” “Okay… so I’m going to give you a tour of this homeless shelter, Bill. ” “Okay! ” Bill replied eagerly. “Is it okay that we leave? You will be safe here. ” I asked. Yah! Thanks for everything by the way. ”

“Bye. ” Maddie and I walked out and back to the car. I started to drive when the thought of the poeple having to live on the streets. I felt bad and wished I can do something about it, but there will always be homeless people. My heart sank wondering what I can do and what people should do to help. “People get screwed in this world” Maddie said. “They sure do. But what can we do. ” I replied. “I don’t know. It’s hard to help everyone, because people are selfish and rude. We can’t change that. People are who they are. ”