Dark Poems By Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is widely considered to be one the most influential and successful American writers of short stories and poems. His works, such as “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven,” have been read, taught, and studied for years for their poetic style and clever plots. Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are studied for their tone, characterization, and use of symbolism. Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are also closely examined for their allegories that seem to tell a tale about Edgar Allan Poe himself.

Many of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are written in the first person, which leads many people to assume that Edgar Allan Poe wrote his poems as memoirs or confessions. Edgar Allan Poe has long been rumored to have led a dark life full of bad deeds and pain; therefore it makes sense that his works would reflect this darkness within him. The darkness Edgar Allen Poe uses in his poems comes across as very foreboding and ominous. It seems like the darkness Edgar Allen Poe writes about is always there watching you, patiently waiting till you make just one mistake.

Edgar Allen Poe’s poems are full of death, which Edgar Allan Poe uses to showcase the darkness. Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are usually about a dark subject matter in dark settings with even darker characters who meet their demise at the hands of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe also tended to write poems where either the speaker or protagonist dies in the end, which makes his works very morbid and depressing to read over and over again. Many people have assumed that Edgar Allen Poe was suicidal throughout his life because he wrote much about death in his poems, but this does not seem to be true because Edgar Allen Poe lived well into adulthood.

Many believe that Edgar Allan Poe used these tragic stories as an outlet for his own demons, which Edgar Allan Poe would have been dealing with for most of his adult life. Edgar Allen Poe has a long history of depression and alcoholism that eventually led to Edgar Allen Poe’s death. Edgar Allen Poe was found unconscious in a bar one night, which brought on Edgar Allen Poe’s death due to Edgar Allen Poe’s organs failing. Edgar Allan Poe had attempted suicide many times before but never succeeded until his final try at age forty-one.

It appears as if Edgar Allan Poe really could not escape the darkness he wrote about within himself and wanted nothing more than to die out of it all because he could not live without writing poems about them either. The darkness and death I find in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems do not make Edgar Allan Poe’s poems any less enjoyable to read, but Edgar Allen Poe’s poems are captivating in their own way. Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are dark and depressing but they also portray the true talent Edgar Allan Poe had for writing. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about human emotions like no one else has ever written before or since Edgar Allan Poe’s time.

There is something compelling about Edgar Allan Poe’s ability to write about death and darkness with such beauty that makes me come back for more each time I read Edgar Allen Poe’s poems. The darkness of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems may sometimes feel overwhelming when reading, but it also reminds us of all the beautiful things in life we often take for granted when Edgar Allan Poe is not around to remind us of Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are chilling, eerie, haunting, and all-around frightening to read sometimes but Edgar Allan Poe’s writing has impacted many people for the better throughout the years.

Edgar Allen Poe’s poems may be dark but they also have a deep meaning that can be found by reading between the lines. I believe there is darkness within Edgar Allan Poe because Edgar Allen Poe was very depressed during most of Edgar Allan Poe’s adulthood. Edgar Allan Poe’s depression led Edgar Allen Poe to create dark stories with many different themes about death, which leads me to my second point about the darkness in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems. I feel as if Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are about Edgar Allan Poe’s inner demons of Edgar Allen Poe that Edgar Allen Poe would rather die than live without Edgar Allan Poe’s poems.

Edgar Allen Poe uses the darkness in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems to show the darkness Edgar Allan Poe sees within Edgar Allan Poe due to Edgar Allan Poe’s depression. I think darkness can be found in many of Edgar Allen Poe’s works but is most apparent in Edgar Alan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. I believe there is death within Edgar Allan Poe’s work because so many people have died in his poems. There is a high mortality rate in Edgar Alan Poe’s poems which makes me wonder if all these deaths were a coincidence or Edgar Allan Poe had a hand in Edgar Allen Poe’s death.

Edgar Allan Poe’s poems often contained murder and suicide, which may have been a reflection of Edgar Alan Poe’s life as Edgar Allen Poe struggled with depression Edgar Alan Poe’s entire adult life. I believe Edgar Allan Poe was trying to show the darkness of the world through Edgar Allan Poe’s work as Edgar Allan Poe’s poems usually contain death as one of their themes. I do not think that darkness is found everywhere throughout Edgar Allan Poepoe’s poetry but there are times when Edgar Allan Poepoe has used darkness to portray deeper meanings within Edgar Allan Poepo’s poems.

Darkness can always be found in Edgar Alan Poe’s poem The Raven Edgar Allan Poe wrote darkness into Edgar Allen Poe because Edgar Allan Poe wanted Edgar Alan Poe’s work to be perceived as dark and depressing. Edgar Allen Poe put darkness into Edgar Alan Poe’s poems so the reader would not miss the message Edgar Allen Poe was trying to portray. Death is found everywhere throughout Edgar Allan Poepoe’s poems, especially in Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous poem Berenice.

I believe that death is also an important theme within Edgar Allen Poes poems because it shows that no matter how bad things maybe then there might be a way out of them if we only wait long enough for something better to come our way Edgar Allan Poe’s poems could have come out of Edgar Allen Poe’s own experiences Edgar Alan Poe was trying to show Edgar Allan Poe’s readers that death can happen anytime and anywhere Edgar Allan Poes poems might be the only way Edgar Alan Poe is able to cope with Edgar Allen Poepoe’s depression.

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