Diversity Argumentative Essay

“A life is not important except the impact it has on other lives. “(Robinson). If you have an impact on people’s lives, why make it a negative one. Judging people for their skin color, academic status, or anything like that is extremely disrespectful. Most of the time, people see right through the good qualities, and just focus on the bad ones. Diversity is everywhere, and it is constantly looked down on. The prejudices and stereotypes that come with it make that obvious, but when you think about it, diversity is something to celebrate about.

If diversity didn’t exist in the world, then every part of life would be boring. Diversity is often misunderstood as a negative thing, but in reality, it is positive. Diversity should be looked upon as a positive thing, because without diversity, this life would be placid. How would you like it if all 318 million people in the United States were all the same? They all were the same color, the same gender, and had all of the same interests. The lack of variety would absolutely drive people crazy. Diversity is all around us, and if you think about it, it is growing.

As of now, white is the minority in nine of the fifty states, and if immigration stays the same, it will be minority in most all of the states. Since immigration numbers are going up, there are a lot of different people in the United States. Right now, seventy-two percent of people in the United States are white. That means 4. 4 percent are Asian, 12. 4 percent African American, and 14 percent Hispanic. These numbers are not that large, but they are increasing. (“Hispanic & Latino American Diversity Cultural Information. “). Even though Hispanics are the number one immigrants in the

United States, they are still very culturally diverse. Actually, Hispanic is a U. S. term. It comes from the mix of Latin America and Spanish heritage. This is mainly because 2/3 of the Hispanic immigrants come from Mexico. Hispanic immigration is growing as just as fast, if not faster, as any other. In 2050, 1/4 percent of the population in the U. S. will be Hispanic. (“Diverse Origins: The Nation’s 14 Largest Hispanic-Origin Groups. “) Hispanic immigration had to have started somewhere. Immigration of Hispanics over doubled between the 1970’s and the 1990’s. (“Diverse Origins: The Nation’s 14 Largest HispanicOrigin Groups. )

Most of the immigrants come from Mexico City. When most of the Hispanic people immigrate, they don’t immigrate is small groups, they immigrate as a huge family. That is why the immigration numbers are high for Hispanic people. Most Hispanics that immigrate do it because of economic reasons. Since Hispanics are so traditional, they tend to stay as close to the Mexican border as they can. Because of this, More than half of all Hispanics in the United States live in Texas, and California. Even though most Hispanics live in the United States, they also act very different.

It’s not a bad thing, but some things they do are very different. For example, most of Hispanic adults take naps every day. Some things they do are similar to what we do, like their physical appearance. Just like people in the United States, Hispanics care a lot about how they look and how other people view them. Not only do they care about how other people view their physical appearance, they want other people to respect them. Hispanics take their respect and pride very seriously. They show their respect for somebody, by staying with them if they choose to travel.

On vacation, most people book hotels, but some Hispanics tend to stay with their friends and family. Even though Hispanic people are kind and friendly, some people group them in with false stereotypes. If somebody forms a bad first impression, then it is really hard to change how they view them. Hispanics are often grouped as dirty, smelly, poor, and in the country illegally. In reality, most Hispanics are the exact opposite. They want to be recognized as clean, trustworthy, and hardworking people. They also do everything they can to make sure they are not be seen as the stereotypical.

Sometimes they struggle with other things along with being stereotyped, like education. In Mexico, schools only go to eighth grade. Most of the time, Hispanics don’t even finish high school. Education isn’t the only struggle they deal with. Less than half of Hispanics don’t have any insurance of any kind, but that’s not their main line of focus. They mainly worry about losing their domestic church. These are not the main worries that we often deal with today, but to them, these are very important and stressful. Diversity is everywhere, including books. A book Rebound by Bob Krech, diversity is expressed through racism.

This high school boy, named Ray, is in love with basketball. When he moves to his new school, he tries out for the basketball team. Unfortunately in this school, the black kids play basketball, and the white kids wrestle. Ray feels like he is good enough to make the team, so he tries out despite the stereotypes. The problem is, the coach stereotypes the team as well. As a result, Ray does not make the team. When the coach is fired, Ray tries out again, making it with the new coach. When Ray makes the team, he is one of the best players. This goes to show that race does not decide how somebody performs.

It was really unfair for the coach not to give Ray a shot because he was white. Realistically, diversity is everywhere in sports. There are so many different races when it comes to athletics. The color of someones skin is not going to determine how good they are at something. This is like the story of The $6,000 Egg. A man and his wife would go to a certain restaurant every Sunday for a year. One Sunday, the man tried to order his wife a hamburger with an fried egg on it. At that restaurant, they had a special with a fried egg on it. The man tried to order his wife a regular hamburger with a fried egg on it, in which the anager refused to do so.

The man and his wife got so upset, that they left. Since this couple went to that restaurant every Sunday, they spent $6,000 a year. Because the manager didn’t give them an egg, the restaurant lost $6,000 that year. Ray is like the egg. He couldn’t play on the basketball team, because he was white, or the egg doesn’t come with that hamburger. Diversity is in movies as well. In The Mighty, diversity is explained through disabled people. Kane didn’t learn well, and Freak was physically disabled. They were judged and made fun of, but when they teamed up, the became an unstoppable force.

This movie is showing us that it is very rude and inconsiderate to judge people. At the beginning, Kane judged Freak, but when he gave him a chance, they became best friends. Diversity is everywhere. Often misunderstood, it is thing that should be seen as something positive. Diversity is everywhere, and it is constantly looked down on. The prejudices and stereotypes that come with it make that obvious, but when you think about it, diversity is something to celebrate about. Sometimes certain people don’t like diversity, but it is growing, and it is not going to stop.