Essay on Racism In Football

I am proud to stand before you today to endeavour to refresh your minds on this objectionable matter: racism, yes racism in football. There are various matters I wish to overcome, thus I believe with your help anything is possible. Unfortunately, people are unaware that racism is still a prominent issue in what is considered ‘the beautiful game’. Therefore, today is the day I hopefully gain not only your support, but also your complete commitment to achieve the possibility of ensuring racism is eradicated in ‘the beautiful game’.

Together our voices shall be heard, together we shall be recognised and together we shall provide justice to those individuals who have unfortunately faced the frightening wrath of racism. I believe those affected should stand up to the FA and disclose their feelings, feelings that they are too scared to reveal! Well not today, today is the day we as football fans shall demand change, change that we are rightfully entitled to. Are we not all the descendants of Adam and Eve? Yet we still do not have the ability to recognise that we are all created as unparalleled individuals with differences in life.

Racism is a common issue affecting many people worldwide, restricting people no different from me and you from leading conventional lives, restricting them from attaining advantage of their basic human rights. Racism is an issue where individuals are discriminated against due to their skin colour, which is absurd and worrying for those people who are constantly abused by these inconsiderate people who cannot show tolerance or acceptance. These guiltless souls have to take in abuse and disheartening comments on a daily basis, whilst those responsible continue to lead a normal life; receiving no hassle or elements of fear and worry.

Information gathered by the Press Association from 24 police forces across the country, shows there have been over 350 incidents since 2012. This cannot be tolerated! You can’t delete racism. It’s like a cigarette. Yes, the FA has endeavoured to overcome racism by producing the campaign Kick it out which was established in 1993 to preach peace in football to make football enjoyable once again, however, did the FA accept this organisation so that we believe they are doing enough or whether they want us to turn our thoughts on another issue. Mario

Balotelli a player affected by the horrors of racism once said “You can’t delete racism. It’s like a cigarette. You can’t stop smoking if you don’t want to, and you can’t stop racism if people if people don’t want to. But I’ll do everything I can to help” Many individuals assume the FA respectably has done as much as they possibly can, however, is this true? Personally, according to this I feel as though the FA has not done enough to prevent this issue from reoccurring, which is evident through the failed responsibility of the FA, this is coming indirectly by professionals affected by it.

Considering the FA’s assistance to organisations such as Kick it out may just be a publicity stunt for us football enthusiasts to turn a blind eye on this matter. There are many matters that urgently need highlighting in order to open the eyes of the FA, who are arguably blind to such evils. Footballers constantly face racial abuse whether it’s in a match or from the stands where certain individuals decide to break the rules and shout inappropriate labels towards players who have done no wrong; poor language is spoken about these innocent players like Negro, Monkey and other insults towards these players.

This is unacceptable! One rather memorable incident involved Kevin Price Boateng, who decided to leave the pitch after being racially abused by inconsiderate people; he wasn’t the only player to leave the pitch. His fellow teammates supported him by following his actions which left a clear message to the fans that racism is not tolerable in football. We should follow this lead of such a courageous action and support those who have suffered, not only those that have suffered but also show to the FA that we will not stand for this.

The Italian Football Association responded by stating they will look into this matter and exposes those involved. However, personally I believe no action was taken place and that these comments are made for us to accept what they are saying and believe them. Today is the day I impulse you to bring forward issues based upon our individual differences that are ruining our lives; I wish to break down these horrendous stereotypes that are corrupting the brains of society, shattering our mindsets and inner conscience. Most of all, I wish to bring justice to all.

After all, we’re all only human… Therefore I strongly recommend you expose the failed duty of the FA. I strongly recommend you expose these repellent, apostate and ill hearted people who cannot comprehend the harm they cause to society due to their lack of understanding, lack of knowledge and lack of respect which displeases a vast number souls throughout this world. Don’t misunderstand me, we can’t only blame those standing in the stands; there have been certain incidents where racism has occurred between fellow players.

One prominent incident took place 15 October 2011 when two rivals Manchester United and Liverpool played each other in the premier league. Mr Evra apparently believed that Mr Suarez had called him by the phrase ‘Negro. ’ The FA reacted by giving an eight match ban and a ? 40,000 fine to Mr Suarez. Although the sanctions the FA respectably handed out I believe that they have still failed to overcome this atrocious matter.

Moreover, I believe Mr Suarez got off lightly considering his wage of ? 00,000, therefore, this further emphasises the FA’s failed duty to charge Mr Suarez accordingly and appropriately to hopefully combat his racist nature. Another unforgettable incident involved four Chelsea fans, who refused to allow a black man onto the train. They continued these shameful actions by following it with poor speech; “We are racist, we are racist, and that’s the way we like it”. Understandably, the FA decided to ban the individuals involved, however, once again no justice was addressed to the innocent man that was affected.

Although, the three fans were addressed with a life time ban from attending football games, no justice was served to the individual who did not receive any form of apology from the FA or the individuals involved. I am unable to comprehend why such individuals offend others based on the colour of their skin a, does the colour of your skin emphasise your importance to one another? Does the colour of your skin permit others to verbally harm you?

No, as Martin Luther King once said ‘not be judged by the colour their skin, but by the content of their character’. Is this really the way the FA wants to prolong the activity of football matches by ruining the prospect of having no racism in football? Well, I believe together we can put an abrupt end to this malicious matter; together we can enforce the prospect of having no racism in football; together we can provide justice to those players who have been affiliated with such nonsense.

Together we shall unite and be one; one big family that can address this situation to the FA and send a clear and strong message to them stating that more strict rules should be enforced. Rules should be adhered to and people should be punished appropriately if they refuse to follow; whilst facing severe consequences of their reprehensible actions. Together we shall stand. As one we will be noticed. United, as a nation, we all shall elevate our voices; resting assured that our concerns are readily heard.