Exercise 14.3 Exercise Analysis Essay

I chose exercise 14.3 II. In this exercise we had to watch the local news, national news, and the local paper and answer the following questions, how many stories are apparently intended to appeal to our emotions and our sympathies, which stories seem to have been intended to grab attention by appealing to our curiosity or love of scandal, which seemed to be selected for their entertainment value, and how many stories seem intended to make us fearful for our safety or grateful for our security?

The stories in the local Whiz news on 11/4/2015.
1. The election – David Tarbert elected law director and also that the legalization of marijuana didn’t pass.
2. Medical news- Ohio reported 514 Fentanyl overdoses in 2014 and more Fentanyl related seizures than any other state. The local Health Department is going to teach first responders how to treat overdoses or seizures related to Fentanyl. The next session is on 11/26 and is open to the public.
3. Tis the season of giving- Rambo Healthcare is needing our help so they are mailing out seals for the public to put on their mail and also asking for donations. The public can send in donations from now to 12/31
4. ZAAP…

These three stories are- Rambo Healthcare needing donations, artist from Starlight having a gallery to sell their art, and the California College stabbing. The one that appeals to our love of scandal is the one about the police officer that was embezzling money from a youth group. There are two that are for our entertainment, the one about the record snowfall in Flagstaff and also the sound bite about Trump hosting SNL. Three are two that are intended to make us fearful for our safety. They are the story about ISIS planting a bomb in the Russian plane and the four people with Ohio ties being linked to Al-Qaida. I believe that the other stories are more just informative stories presented because they believe them to be news…