Halloween Short Stories Essay

The minibus jolted to a halt.
Taking a step down, I tried to piece everything that had happened. Aunt Adeline, Ava, the
man – strangely by the name of Dimitri Viavondachi…
The gap between the last step and the molten coloured dusty earth, was wide and as big as
the fissure of weariness, agony, and hurt, swirling deep in the empty depths. Ten years,
and I had lived on a cloud of lies, as each day had passed, I had turned with a sense of
direction – a future. Now all there had been was shattered, like a mirror on the very eve of
Halloween. Living in the shell of innocence, cocooned around, had led me to think, that
Aunt Adeline, had been telling the truth. She dwelled upon, that all the worlds’ evil was
tarnished by the essence of time……

Turning, a bright light caught the edge
of my eye. A small bungalow, snug amidst the opening of the forest, striked me as odd yet
strangely beautiful. Painted a delicate shade of ivory, it was turned out, so that the window
ledge could be seen. It looked roughly barred with age – all the same forlorn and empty, like
all sense of comfort, warmth, happiness and protection was sucked from its core. The roof
and walls were from the not so finest of wood, but was sculptured so perfectly, painted what
looked like cobalt, now peeling off as the days went by.
My legs had no control as they began to pace towards it. It was enveloped by thick foliage
and in a canopy of emerald and roses, giving off a sweet scent of honeysuckle and rose but
shielded almost from view. Ivy voluptuously wrapped their way round the cobbled brown
bricks. The slender chimney gave of an avid aroma – a scent which I recognised and come
to love on the fall of my sixteenth birthday, a scent of homemade confectionaries –
Exactly what mama had used make on days of rain and wind…
‘’Can I help you?’’
I whipped my head to one side. A middle-aged lady came, shocked, by my…

Her frail figure was apparent as she wore a long black dress, covered by a crisp,
clean pinafore. Her hair, the colour of soft cornflower tumbled down her back, framing her
petite and pretty face.
She carried a basket full of all sorts of herbs, such as thyme and rosemary… I wondered if
she had been living on her own, and if she did… would she know about the empty village.
‘’Yes, I’m talking to you dearie, cat got your tongue?’’
‘’No sorry. My name is Alexa Amelia Brown, and I really do not know where I am right
now. All I know is that this village is called Alsascay Village’’
‘’Well, you seem to know quite little, and we best get you in before you catch a cold’’
She smiled but for all I knew it was the most sincere smile I had seen.
‘’Oh and by the way, my name is Elizabeth Fawcett, but you can call me Aunt Liz’’
She opened her gate and let me in. All around foliage of all shades grew, such as the pink
– tinged flowering maples to the deep shades of the burgundy Camellia flowers.
Maybe Elizabeth Fawcett did have some answers to the ruins of Alsascay Village..
And maybe answers to my life too… Somehow this journey was intertwined with my past
and as I had entered the house, this was my only chance…
To find out once and for…