How Does Iago See Himself

What I want to do is tell you a story about two men who are best friends. A man named Iago and another man named Othello, the greatest general in all of Venice. Iago and Othello have been serving together for many years and Iago’s star has risen very high: he was promoted within the army while Othello got Iago to be his watchman. Iago was the only watchman Othello trusted, so Iago kept a very close eye on Othello’s beautiful wife, Desdemona.

Othello tells Iago that he wants Iago to always keep an eye on his beautiful wife I swear I have not betrayed you yet. I would as gladly have my tested blade pierce my own heart as it would pierce yours.

I doubt this! But I own thy honesty, well I must not slack nor play the idle servant. I know what to think, thou darest not lie

I cannot tell if this is true or not but one day while walking by Othello and Iago’s tent Iago starts talking to Roderigo who is Iago’s friend about the beautiful Desdemona. Iago tells Roderigo that I know not a man in Venice that can please her better than I if she would have a stranger

I swear I will tear him open and spill his entrails for this! I am sure thou art incapable of such a crime, O I dare you to call me a scurvy knave again. You may do so with impunity; my master and I will never fight again.

Iago is the play’s manipulator. Iago uses Othello to seek revenge on many people, but I think Iago sees himself as the victim in some ways. I believe Iago thinks that he is putting Othello in his place by treating him poorly and making him mistrust Desdemona. I also believe Iago hates himself because of his “unworthy mind” (5.2.33).

Once I asked myself this question, I could not stop thinking about all the different ways Iago perceives himself, his motives for hating society or self-hatred are powerful enough to break a man down into nothingness. It changes how one views Iago and it makes one more aware of what Iago is doing and why Iago is doing it.

I believe Iago perceives himself as a victim because he believes that Othello and Desdemona are getting away with an act of deceiving Iago. Iago has to do the dirty work by following Othello’s orders, while Othello gets all the credit for Iago’s acts of deception. I think Iago pretends to hate Othello because it makes Iago feel better about what he is doing and so he can justify his actions in his own mind.

If I were in Iagos position, I would not want anyone to know how much satisfaction I got from someone else’s pain either. When Desdemona compliments Cassio Iago hates it, Iago feels like he is not getting the praise that he deserves. I think Iago hates himself when Desdemona says that Iago knows more than Othello. I believe Iago’s self loathing motivates him to do everything in his power to make sure no one ever compliments Iago for anything again.

In the end I think Iagos view of himself includes a combination of all these views and that they are interconnected with each other which makes them all stronger.

Iago sees himself as an honest man who is giving Iago advice that he should take. I believe Iago views himself in many different ways, depending on the situation. Don’t I have a right to try? I am your wife! Why would you want it any other way? She tries to convince her husband to stay with her and not leave to England by telling him all of the things she has done for him in the past. Iago believes that no matter what Othello does, he will always be treated poorly because others are jealous of his “fortune”.

I think Iago believes that people are always looking out for themselves and they do not care how much they hurt other people in the process of getting what they want. Iago is further shown as a selfless person when Iago tells Othello not to use his name in public because he has taken Iago’s reputation away. I think Iago views himself as someone who values friendships and cares about other people rather than some evil mastermind. I think that Iago thinks of himself more like how others view him, which is the villain who only looks out for himself.

I believe that I am giving you sound advice; imagine if you had gone to do it behind my back, then where would your trust be? I believe this quote shows Iago As someone whose only looking out for his best interests, but obviously doesn’t see it that way otherwise he wouldn’t need Iago I believe Iago is portraying himself as someone who honestly cares about Othello I believe Iago views himself how he wants others to view him I think Iago views himself the way that other people view him, which is an evil mastermind

I have no reason for this. I just think it’s interesting that throughout the play there are multiple perspectives of different characters and what they feel or think about themselves Thesis statement: There are various perceptions of Iago in the play but I do not find a clear vision of how Iago sees himself although he says several things about his character throughout the play.

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