Leonardo Dicaprio Research Paper

Who is 42, lives in East Los Angeles, and is a movie star with model girlfriends? Leonardo DiCaprio would be the answer to that! Leonardo has inspired many to accomplish dreams. From when he was a boy he never gave up on his dream of being an actor and now he’s a grammy winning movie star! There are so many great things to learn about Leonardo that you would have never guessed, in his life, career, and throughout his accomplishments. DiCaprio is an influential person because of his inspiring personal life, he is an actor for a living, and has won many awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a very hard working life. DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles on the date of November 11, 1974. When DiCaprio was born his parents named him Leonardo after Leonardo Da Vinci who was a 15th century artist. When DiCaprio was a toddler he lived mainly with his mom after his parents got divorced. Leonardo DiCaprio lived in the poorer part of L. A. while growing up. DiCaprio’s maternal grandparents were his guardians for a couple of years in his childhood. Leonardo DiCaprio was very little when he realized his passion and love for acting.

When DiCaprio could not find an agent to book him on movies he started doing television stuff so people would notice him and his talents. Later in life DiCaprio dated Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel throughout 2000-2005 when he then dated Bar Refaeli, also a supermodel for years, 2011 he was set on Blake Lively, ever since tho he has found his interest in other models. DiCaprio had a major face injury after Aretha Wilson, a model, hit him in the face with a broken bottle, it was severe.

Even after all this, DiCaprio showed everyone his passion for the environment after interviewing an old United States president, Bill Clinton about Global Warming at an Earth Day celebration that Leonardo DiCaprio hosted. In 2009 DiCaprio had a plan to make an eco friendly resort after he purchased the island Belize. In 2014 he bought the original Dinah Shore residence, which is crafted in Palm Springs on the architectural designs of Donald Wexler. Leonardo Dicaprio owns two living spaces, one is an apartment in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan and a house in Los Angeles.

When Titanic became such a big hit, DiCaprio who played the lead character of Jack became very well noticed and got many offers to be a male lead role, which has helped him become the star he is and get all the things he has… Like his two living spaces and islands. DiCaprio is a very hard working man with his career. DiCaprio was seen at a very young age for his love of acting. He would play pranks on his family, imitate people, and come up with creative skills he made up on his own. When Leonardo was 5 he got taken off the sets to the television series, Romper Room. He was becoming naughty because of his age.

When he was 14 he started being in commercials and ads, such as Matchbox cars, which was his first commercial/ad appearance. In 1990 DiCaprio played in the short series of Parenthood, he made his debut which then he got a nomination of the Best Young Actor along with Youngest Artist too. When Leonardo DiCaprio released two films of diverse subjects (The Basketball Diaries and The Quick and the Dead) in 1995 his career grew unexpectedly. When the movie Romeo and Juliet came out by Baz Luhrmann in 1996, DiCaprio played the lead male role, Romeo, and Claire Danes played the female, Juliet.

It was an inspired film from Shakespeare. Leonardo DiCaprio played a lead role as Jack in the Titanic which became the most expensive film ever. DiCaprio proved his capabilities as a lead actor in 1997 after the well brought together film. After DiCaprio researched and researched about his character which was J. Edgar’ from the biographical drama, J. Edgar in 2011 he performed with a ton of knowledge which helped him fit the character. In 2015 the movie The Revenant came out which DiCaprio starred in with the lead role of Hugh Glass.

When DiCaprio made a speech about climate change at the oscars after winning the Best Actor Award in 2016 the speech touched people on the consequences of it. Not only is DiCaprio an actor but owns a production company, ‘Appian Way Productions’. DiCaprio is very proud with his hard earned accomplishments. After the film ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ where DiCaprio played a role of a mentally disabled child. He was given an award for best supporting actor. DiCaprio was also nominated for Best Actor by the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild. Also after his work in The Department he won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In 1997 and 1998 DiCaprio was spotted in the “50 most beautiful people” in the People’s magazine. This was from the movie Titanic which had 14 Academy Awards and very popular. DiCaprio starred in the movie The Revenant in 2016, he soon after won an academy award for Best Actor. Not only has DiCaprio accomplished things in his career but also with the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio has put a lot of time and effort into being an active member on the boards of the Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, and International fund for animal welfare.

In California at a community foundation there is a non-profit set up, they work on many environmental issues, they call it the Leonardo DiCaprio fund. He stays very active with them also. In 2000 DiCaprio hosted an Earth Day Celebration where he interviewed president Bill Clinton on global warming. Which had been a big issue. He has been an active socially responsible citizen. Which makes sense after seeing his care for the environment. After his major works in the field of environmental issues in the year 2010 he won a nomination for VH1 “DO SOMETHING” Award.

In Fact, when local groups were in Mount Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, working to save and preserve the area’s ecosystem, DiCaprio went to visit and lend support. Also, in 2014 DiCaprio was appointed as the United Nations representative on climate change. He cares so much for the environment that after DiCaprio found himself a partner he made a sanctuary with Acehnese conservationist, Rudi Putra. Which was confirmed in 1998. Their foundation is building a wildlife sanctuary, construction barriels, training wildlife patrols and rangers and reporting habitat destruction.

All in all DiCaprio’s net worth is worth around 45 million dollars. One of DiCaprio’s best ranked movies and most proud films was Titanic. James Cameron told the big studios about DiCaprio playing the main role, Jack, but they didn’t want him to because he was “too unknown”. They wanted someone who was well known, like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but Cameron insisted on having DiCaprio play Jack. Some of the most memorable scenes of Titanic were created by the actors themselves. For example, the scenes where Jack teaches Rose to spit, the scene at the bow “King of the World”, and Rose spitting in Cale’s face.

Also, the story Jack was telling about ice fishing was a Titanic survivors quote about the North America water. During the scenes where it shows the Titanic sinking took 2 hours and 40 minutes in the movie which is exactly how long it took the real Titanic to sink in real life. When they were filming Titanic DiCaprio brought his pet lizard which ended up getting hit, luckily DiCaprio was there to save it. Also, at the end of the movie, when Rose dies and returns to the bottom of the ocean, Jack (DiCaprio) is waiting by the clock, the time was 2:20 exactly, the exact time the Titanic sank.

Fun fact, “The pool that the Titanic passengers were swimming in and jumping into was only three feet deep. ” (http://www. titanicuniverse. com/titanic-the-movie-facts/ 3261) Jack was one in the water. Titanic won 11 academy nomination out of 14 which they were nominated for. He also won Best Male performance for MTV Movie Awards in 1998 for Titanic. In the years 1997 and 1998 Leonardo DiCaprio entered People’s magazine’s list of “Top 50 Most Beautiful People”. Since DiCaprio’s success with Titanic his pictures appeared in about every magazine and his popularity skyrocketed.