Moving To America Essay Example

If people are willing to work hard for their families from afar, why not try fixing their issues where they currently are? This question is raised because traveling to places like the United States in hope of finding a better life doesn’t always result in an improved fortune.

It could in fact, create more problems. The family is the most important group to a person. In Central and South America, families are very close knit. They work together to help each other out and they always have each other’s backs. This is one of the many reasons why it would be hard for someone to leave their family behind if they decided to move up North. Although the intention would be to help them out financially, it would still be a really tough decision because you would be sacrificing so much.

Another huge reason why people from down South decide not to move away from their families, is marriage. A lot of cultures down in Latin America see marriage as a really big deal and moving away from your spouse would obviously not be ideal. In fact, it could even put a strain on the marriage because of all the distance. So, although people may want to move to try and help their family out, they have to think about what moving would do to their own personal lives as well.

Lastly, being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world- regardless of where you live. But, being a parent in a different country away from your family can be extremely tough. You would not have anyone to help you with the kids if you needed it and it would just be a really hard situation overall. Once again, people may want to leave to provide a better life for their children but they need to think about how hard it would be to actually raise them in a different country.

The risk of visiting the US is just too high, with violent gangs ready to mug, beat, or rape anyone who passes by and police with no compassion. People in the United States may be rather bigoted towards anybody they don’t like, not only because of the dangers of merely traveling there.

The sense of community that can be found in Mexico is incomparable to what is available in the States. In Mexico, if someone were to help you, you would not question their motives. People are also extremely hospitable and willing to help anyone in need. There is always a fiesta going on, with music and food filling the streets. The culture here is so rich and vibrant, something that cannot be found in the States.

I have lived in Mexico my entire life. I grew up close to the border of the United States, so I have seen firsthand the dangers that come with trying to cross into America. I have also seen how people in the States can be very racist and unkind towards those they do not like or understand. I much prefer living in Mexico, where the sense of community is stronger and the culture is richer. I would never want to move to America.

They are enraged by the actions of relocating, and they call each other out for a lack of love, which is why they would not go to the US or return home. This action also produces more children as a result of carelessness, putting an extra burden on them and encouraging additional abandonment in their hearts.

By showing the lack of love in these migrating families, it becomes an argument against moving to America.

Migration has always been a controversial topic. Some people argue that it is necessary in order to improve one’s life, while others claim that it only leads to problems. In particular, the issue of migrants leaving their children behind has been widely debated. While some people believe that this is necessary in order to provide a better future for their children, others claim that it only leads to abandonment and neglect.

In my opinion, I believe that migrant parents should not leave their children behind in their home countries. I think that this only leads to more problems than it does solutions. When parents leave their children behind, they are essentially abandoning them. This can lead to a feeling of neglect and abandonment in the children that are left behind. Additionally, this can also lead to more children being born into the family, as the parents are not there to help with birth control. This puts a heavier burden on the remaining children and can cause resentment.

I believe that it is important for parents to be there for their children, both emotionally and physically. Children need their parents’ love and support in order to grow up to be healthy and happy adults. When parents leave their children behind in order to migrate, they are depriving their children of this vital support. I think that this is wrong and selfish. Parents should put their children’s needs first, instead of their own.

In conclusion, there are quite a few things to think about before moving away from family to go somewhere ‘better’. Although the intention may be good, it could end up causing more harm than good. Families are extremely important, marriage is a big deal, and being a parent is hard enough as it is-so people need to take all of these things into consideration before they make such a big decision.

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