Donald Trump: America Great Again

Donald Trump, a Republican running for presidency. Trump believes in integrity, justice and believing in making “America Great Again” (Donald Trump Rally). However the actual truth is, about 84% will not vote for Trump (Now This), due to his ignorance, lack of political experience and self centered ego. Donald Trump is known to be a billionaire, owning banks, Real Estates, and even a hotel of his own. Where Trump originated, has no question that investing and creating multimillion dollar projects is in his blood. Donald Trump graduated from Fordham University, earning a degree in Economics.

Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a Real Estate developer for his company Elizabeth Trump and Son. Where in 1971, Donald Trump took control. Trump has gone through successful and poor business choices. Such as the incident in 1991 where Trump, unable to pay loans, resulted his bank into bankruptcy. However, Trump was able to keep consistency with finances with his “Trump Tower” in Chicago, making a net worth of 4. 5 Billion. Donald Trump should not be voted as president of the United States because of questionable ethics, prejudice toward Immigrants, Muslims and minorities, also historical views of how to “run” the United States.

Throughout the presidential debate, Trump’s ideals of a “greater America” are sought to be questionable. For almost a year Donald Trump continually pushes to build a wall across the border of Mexico to keep foreign countries out of reach. This is an action that could be unethical due to the changes of law and regulation given in the United States. It is understandable to knowledge of the fifteen feet tall border already built. However, building a wall, a border or a fence to separate two countries or cities is inhumane. Not only does this action destroy families, but also the humanity in the United States.

The thought of building and creating a wall, is similar to the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. It was built to keep East and West Germany separated in 1961. Think of the situation in the present, Trump is sought to be seen as the Easterns of Germany as for the Westerners, Mexico. Now a food for thought, if Trump did become president, the conflict of this plan is that it separates a country where human beings want the haven they yearn for. As most immigrants or foreigners, they consider the United States as a tolerance setting that gives their people rights that other countries do not offer.

Several would seek a “political asylum”. Also the death rates of climbing, digging or even passing through the wall. Approximate 125 deaths were reported during the horrid years of the Berlin Wall. Imagine those of the “Trump Wall”? If Trump did become president, I don’t think citizens would want to witness another, “Tear Down This Wall” speech. The rules in local public schools are to wear ID’s to identify each student who passes through the school doors. Enforcing foreigners to wear ID’s is not only degrading but putting a light on their race.

Since the terrorist attacks on Paris and San Bernardino, America is on high alert, as well are the candidates, especially Trump. Trump exploits the attacks to spread negativity towards the Muslim race. In several speeches, Trump is rallying supporters on the concept for all Muslims to wear ID’s, to signify who they are. Likewise of the Jews in the 1940’s. Under Hitler’s control, Jews are forced to wear Golden stars to signify who they are. Unfortunately, the patched star meant nothing and led into concentration camps. As a result, over 11 million individuals suffered and tragically died in vain.

Yet Americans and supporters want to elect Trump as president. In spite of this, consider the idea of 11. 7 billion immigrants wiped off the face of the United States. This concept could be a reference to the 2004 film “A Day Without A Mexican”, where every individual of Mexican heritage is gone for just one day. However, it’s not for a day, it’s a total of four years. Trump has set out plans of deporting every immigrant of Hispanic race, some could also include Mexicans who are born in Mexico, but got proper papers to live in the United States.

This action is considered impossible and inhumane, its separating families and taking away a safe haven for individuals. For example, in the film a wife whose husband is Mexican disappeared one morning. The wife now a single mother, caring for her son, living off one check, and feeling the desperation for her husband to return home. Due to her husband’s disappearance, her life crumbled down and can’t do anything about it. Moreover, if this operation is intact, then several individuals with families of Hispanic race can live on to have a miserable life due to the lack of support from their partner or family.

Another example is the workers; majority of field labor, construction, and house cleaning are Mexican or immigrants. Therefore, americans are left to do the labor they didn’t want to do in the first place, even though they complain about Mexicans taking away jobs. As a result, Trump could lose about half his staff in several of his businesses. Donald Trumps ignorance toward the Mexican race has gone viral since his announcement of running for president. The confrontation that sparked massive headlines was with Jorge Ramos. Jorge is the reporter and anchor for Univision.

Ramos attended a press conference of Trump in which Trump furiously acted upon by unfairly ignoring Ramos question. Ramos did not scream, nor did he act with force, as what Trump claims. Ramos simply asked a question as any reporter would and stated his question. Trump abruptly called for security to have Ramos escorted. Trump continues to claim, the reporter “screamed” at him. Trump was unfair on questioning and yelled out “go back to Univision” (CNN). Although, this is not the first nor the last Trump undermine the Mexican race.

In a speech about immigrants, Trump claimed “all Mexicans are rapists, murderers, and bad people who bring drugs to the United States”. In fact, I would agree with Trump because yes, several Mexicans are murderers, mexicans are racist, and of course several smuggle in drugs because of the Mexican cartel. Indeed, I can say this is very true. However, so are Americans. Donald Trump can say all mexicans are criminals, but who’s to say not all Americans are either. Of course, in lack of better terms, not all Americans are criminals but some are. That’s the difference several supporters and Americans themselves need to differentiate.