My Daughter Monologue Essay

After my third wish had been granted, my wife, Mrs. White has not been the same. Our home became more quiet than it already has been and more lonely than ever. At nights I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the crying my wife made, I made her believe I never heard her at night, I think it makes her feel better crying behind my back than on my shoulder. She became more quiet, never ate enough, and always got herself looking pictures of Herbert. On the day of our son’s birthday, I couldn’t think of anything but to tell my wife to leave the memory alone and move on.

Honey, look now that it’s our son’s birthday I want to talk to you about our son, maybe you should forget about him”, when it came out of my mouth, I regretted very dearly. “How would I” between her cries. “ He’s our son-our only son- and you want me to forget about him- as if he is just a paper. ” There was no point of me telling her more, she will be mad at me and maybe even tell them to sleep on the couch again like last time, and I don’t plan to at all. “Alright then” The next day, I was woken by a loud crash downstairs. I thought maybe the candle that had been loose on the table fell, but then I heard a voice.

I was fully aware that a robber broke in, but then I thought we live miles away from a nearby neighbor. I turned to my right side to wake my wife up, but she wasn’t there, instead there was the pillow she slept on next to me. I came to the conclusion to go downstairs and see whomever it was there and kick them out of my home. So I plucked up my courage and I went down the stairs. The closer I came to the bottom and last step, the more crying and whispering I heard, it was dark and the candle that had been always nearby the bottom of the stair wasn’t there. Hello,” it came out so weakly that I mentally slapped myself, but there was no answer. Instead it became quiet and then I heard a crash, suddenly a scream coming from the kitchen. I ran towards the kitchen, with the thought of whomever it was, I didn’t care if it was the robber or the banshee screaming I was going to help. I slipped and tripped trying to reach the kitchen, but when I arrived, I thought I was dreaming. My wife was hanging up in the air, like if someone had tied her with an invisible rope, her white nightgown was covered in dirt, her hair was spread everywhere, her eyes were blank, and her face was pale.

I was stunned by her appearance, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t just run outside and find someone, it was really late and we lived so far out the town. But something moved where my wife kept her pots, it looked like a person, but that someone was injured. “Who are you? ” I said to whomever it was. ”What have you done to my wife? ” The only sound that I heard was my wife’s whimpering, I felt awful that I couldn’t help her. “You really don’t recognize me? ” Said the shadow. For a moment I thought I knew that voice, as if the last time I heard it was months ago.

“Who are you? ” “Dad, how could you not recognize me? That had me, I didn’t know how my son-my dead son, came out of that coffin, the one that was buried at least with 10 feet of dirt, and how is my wife hanging, being blank in the face having to do anything with this? “Well dad, I think you have come to the conclusion on why my very own mother is like that. ” He said while nodding at my wife’s direction. “You see, my dear mother has done me a favor, while you were asleep upstairs your very own wife has helped me come to life. ” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, after all those times I left my wife be alone, thinking she needed space.

She was planning on bringing our dead son alive, but why? I thought for a slight second that Herbert never left our home and never made into the coffin, but then I thought that all the wishes I asked for were granted. “I don’t believe you,” I said. “Well you should because that lady- your wife- has been getting the monkey’s paw and wished for me to come back from the dead, but you know how she is desperately trying to help when she wants something. Well she did, she went to the graveyard and got me out and helped me come back home.

You see, unlike you- my mother really cares about me, not like you who in fact tries to encourage her to forget about me-yeah she had told me everything you told her about me. ” “Why is my wife in the air, how does she get to be like that when she helped you? ” “Well you see, when she brought me back, she hid me in your basement and let’s just say in the end she realized how mistaken, she was when she brought me back, well she tried to wish me off but I sort of let her like that,” he said while nodding the direction of my wife. “But why did you possessed her? I became very clear how angry I sounded and I gave no care at all. “Because I want you to know how it feels being hurt by someone dead because by the morning you won’t have a wife. For sure, you’ll cry your eyes out and wish for the paw to have mercy to give you an extra wish, but sadly you wasted it on me so I could be dead. ” He sounded hurt, it was never my intention for him to feel hurt. He was dead and he cannot become a human again. For the fact that he wanted to kill my wife, it was completely mental, but how can I make him understand that he’s dead and he cannot be alive as a real human being.

I was half asleep and for many moments I thought this was a dream, but the fact that every now and then I was in an argument with my son made it much real. I didn’t know what to do, if I had my wife gone, I will feel guilty, but I can’t have my son being evil and trying to kill other people “Fine, I’ll accept you back in the family for an exchange of my wife being back to normal,” I said it with all the bravery I had in me. “Okay then,” Herbert said and I was shocked by the easiness it took.

All the sudden there was a cold breeze, it gave you chills up your neck, and it gave you that feeling that you lost all your happiness inside you, and there she was my wife. She looked like she was in a cold room for hours, you could see her veins and her eyes red, I felt sorry for her. I ran and hugged her, I was scared that I wasn’t going to see her ever again, she hugged me back and it felt good. When I let go of her she bent down to grab something, it was hairy and ugly, the thing that changed our lives completely, it was the monkey’s paw.

I don’t know how fast you can recover from being conscious but she was very quick at that because all the sudden I heard. “I wish for my son to be dead. ” Herbert growled of frustration and with a simple movement he got a knife and threw it at her, by the time I caught my bleeding wife my son was gone. I was scared, my wife is dying and my son is gone, I knew for a fact my wife will die any second. “I love you,” she said and then she was gone. A month later Well after that horrible accident, I never was the same. I worked, but when I was home, I cried, I lost everything, my wife and son, and I had no purpose to live.

When I didn’t work I drank, I got lost in my thoughts, I never ate, and I was tired. I couldn’t sleep at night, the thoughts of having nightmares of my family being killed multiple times killed me. One day I was sick of the torture I had, so I went to my office and wrote a letter, to whomever will find me in the basement to burn the paw. When I finished with the letter, I unlocked the doors, went to the basement and got the stool and I found a rope and in the matter of seconds I committed suicide. The last thought of mine was if I only knew the paw going to change my life.