Preschool Classroom Observation Report Example

I visited a class at Weslie Way Preschool. The number of children in the classroom was six, although only five were there on the day I observed. Two girls and three boys ranging in age from four to four years old made up the group. A firefighter later came to speak with the pupils about fire safety after my visit had ended.

The physical environment of the classroom was set up in a way that encouraged exploration and movement. There were different areas for the children to play in, such as a reading corner, a block area, and a art area. The materials in the classroom were age-appropriate and well-maintained. The children had access to both indoor and outdoor play areas.

The teacher was very warm and welcoming towards the students. She treated them with respect and spoke to them in a way that was easy for them to understand. The teacher seemed to have a good relationship with the students. She was able to get their attention when necessary and they followed her instructions well.

The students were engaged in various activities throughout my observation. When I first arrived, they were in the process of making a collage. Later on, they went outside to play. The children seemed to be having a lot of fun and they were interacting well with each other.

Overall, the classroom was a positive learning environment. The teacher was effective in teaching the students and the students were engaged in their activities. The physical environment was also set up in a way that encouraged learning.

During this period, all of the classes in the school congregated outside. I was able to observe thirty children, each of whom was a different race between the ages of two and five. I arrived at the classroom at nine in the morning, just fifteen minutes before class started. So that I wouldn’t be a nuisance during class, the preschool instructor permitted me to sit in the back of the room.

The students entered the classroom one by one and were each greeted at the door by the teacher. As they walked in, they were expected to hang up their coats and put their lunchboxes away. Each student had their own cubby where they could store their belongings. Once all of the students had arrived, the teacher asked them to sit on the rug in front of her.

The lesson for the day was on shapes. The teacher started off by asking if anyone knew what a shape was. A few students raised their hands and gave examples such as a square or a circle. The teacher then went on to explain that there are many different kinds of shapes. She showed the students a few examples and asked them to name the shapes.

After the lesson on shapes, the teacher asked the students to get up and move around the room. They were each given a piece of paper and a pencil. The teacher told them to go find something in the room that was a certain shape and to draw it on their paper. Once they had finished drawing, they were supposed to come back and show the teacher their picture.

Overall, I thought that the lesson was well planned and executed. The students seemed to be engaged and interested in what the teacher was saying. They were also able to understand the concept of shapes by the end of the lesson. The teacher was very patient with the students and made sure to explain the concept in a way that they could understand.

I would suggest that the teacher maybe give the students a little more time to draw their pictures. Some of the students were finishing up as the others were already showing their drawings to the teacher. I think that it would be better if everyone was done at the same time so that no one feels left out. Other than that, I thought that the lesson went well.

She had a number of printouts and activities for the kids to trace and practice writing the letter with pictures of things that begin with the letter E, such as an elephant, an eggplant, and the ground. When the teacher showed class photos, Student C appeared more interested in what was being taught. It’s reasonable to think she’s a visual learner based on her reaction to seeing photographs.

The teacher then asked the students to name things that start with the letter E. Student C was able to name an elephant and an eggplant. The teacher praised her for her answers and encouraged her to keep thinking. It was clear that the teacher created a positive learning environment in her classroom.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience observing this classroom. The teacher was very engaging and made learning fun for her students. It was clear that the students felt comfortable in her classroom and were able to thrive.

Student C was extremely sociable, making her classmates feel welcome and included. She also appeared to be eager to learn and interested in what the teacher had to say. I believe she will do well with communication courses such as public speaking, English, and history in the future academic life. However, she didn’t appear very analytical or logical, relying more on her social abilities than her logical capabilities, so it may be inferred that she might have difficulties in mathematics and science.

The students in the class were very engaged and excited to learn. The teacher had a way of making the material interesting and interactive, which kept the students’ attention. There was a lot of positive peer interaction, and the students seemed to be working well together. Overall, it was a very positive learning environment.

Student E was exceptionally bright for his age group and I expect him to have a long, successful academic career. He was able to comprehend the letter concept quickly and went above and beyond by writing out his complete name. A communication problem could be an issue for him. His timidity got the best of him at times, as he made it clear that he wanted to play with Students A and B during playtime but gave up when he sensed any form of rejection.

I’ve had the pleasure of observing a preschool classroom for a day. The students in the class were incredibly sweet and well-behaved. I was really impressed with how much the teacher was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. The students were engaged and seemed to be having a lot of fun while they were learning.

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