Rappaccini’s Daughter Literary Devices

Rappaccini’s Daughter is a short story of Nathaniel Hawthorne, about Rappaccini. Rappaccini is an old scientist who lives in the town where he studied and experimented with poisonous plants to discover their “perfect poison”, one that would work on any creature and could not be cured. Rappaccini, now obsessed with finding this perfect poison, breeds poisonous plants and has his daughter, Rappaccini’s Daughter (or Beatrice), care for them. Rappaccini spies on his daughter constantly, wanting to make sure that she does not come into contact with the outside world or his experiments.

Beatrice Rappaccini doesn’t know that her father is using her as an experiment, but after seeing him inject himself with poison several times she suspects something is wrong. She feels like he doesn’t love her because he cares more about finding the perfect poison than spending time with her. Rappaccini’s Daughter longs to see what life is like outside Rappaccini’s garden where poisonous plants grow and suffocate everything else. One day a man from town named Giovanni visits Rappaccini.

Rappaccini tells him that he can allow Giovanni to visit his garden, but Rappacinni’s Daughter is not allowed in the same room as Giovanni while they are talking about poison. Rappaccini’s daughter overhears their conversation and decides to disobey her father, secretly meeting with Giovanni whom she falls in love with. Rappaccini finds out about this relationship and poisons Giovanni so that Rappacinni’s daughter will be safe from having contact with him without knowing it.

However, Rappacinni’s daughter notices something is wrong (that Giovanni doesn’t seem like himself) and travels into the garden where she discovers that Rappacinni has injected her lover with the perfect poison. Rappacinni then arrives, forcing Rappaccini’s daughter to leave because it is too dangerous for her health to stay in the garden. Rappaccini allows Rappaccini’s daughter to return later after she has time to recover from being in contact with his plants.

Rappaccini then discovers that Rappaccini’s daughter has been taking care of a dying man within the town walls, but Rappacinni lets this slide because he believes Rappaccini’s daughter only sees the souls of the dying and does not realize that they are sick. Giovanni returns home but cannot eat any food or talk about anything other than poison. He also takes all the money out of his house and sends away everyone who works for him except for one servant boy named Gionetti. Rappacinni’s daughter now realizes what her father has done and wakes up Rappaccini, explaining that she doesn’t want anyone else to die like Giovanni.

Rappacinni agrees with his daughter and decides to inject himself with the perfect poison as well, dying shortly after. Rappaccini’s daughter does not get sick through her relationship with Giovanni even though Rappacinni claims it is impossible for there to be any other man in Rappaccini’s Daughter’s life without being poisoned by him unless Rappaccini made a mistake when he created the perfect poison or did not test it on someone who was truly worthy of receiving it. Rappaccini’s Daughter ends up living happily ever after.

Rappaccini’s Daughter is a story about the love of one generation and the betrayal of another. Rappaccini has devoted his life to creating a poison that can never be cured and uses this as an excuse to keep Rappaccini’s daughter naive and uneducated by keeping her in Rappaccini’s garden. Rappacinni believes he is only protecting Rappaccini’s daughter from having contact with anyone who could be affected by his perfect poison, but Beatrice believes she would be safer running around town where Rappacinni cannot always protect her or spy on her.

Eventually Rappacinni realizes that he was wrong and decides throw away everything he worked for just to keep his daughter alive. At the end of Rappacci’s Daughter it is Rappaccini’s daughter who lives happily ever after while Rappaccini dies of the poison he created, still not knowing if Rappaccini’s daughter would’ve died without it or not. th Rappacinni is proud of what he has created and decides to test it on Giovanni by injecting him with his perfect poison without Giovanni knowing what was happening.

Rappacinni also keeps Rappaccini’s daughter in Rappaccinii’s garden all her life where there are only poisonous plants that she learns to avoid. She grows up hearing stories of how wonderful life outside Rappaccini’s garden is but never experiencing any of it for herself. One day a man from the town named Giovanitti enters Rappaccini’s garden and Rappaccini realizes that Rappaccini’s daughter has grown fond of Giovanni, to which Rappacinni strongly disagrees.

Rappacinni becomes even more upset when he finds out that Rappaccini’s daughter is in love with Giovanni and decides to poison him so that Rappaccini’s daughter will never again feel the need to go outside Rappacciii’s garden. Rappacinni injects Gioanitti with his perfect poison and leaves the two alone, but Rappaccinii’s Daughter notices something is not right and follows them into the garden where she discovers her lover has been injected with a poisonous plant from Rappaccinii’s garden.

Rappacinni arrives shortly after Rappaccinai’s Daughter notices Rappaccini’s daughter with Giovanni. Rappacinni tells Rappaccinai’s Daugther to stay back because there is no cure for the poison that was injected into Giovanni, but Rappaccinnii’s Daughter goes closer anyway and manages to discover a plant that she thinks may have the cure before Rappacciiti arrives again and injects Rappacinnii’s daughter with his perfect poison. Rappacinni leaves Rappacinna’a daugher too so she can die in some pain, leaving Giovanni alone until he begs for all of them to be killed together.

Giovanni eventually dies from the poison after pleading several times with Rappacinnii to kill Rappaccinii’s daughter because Rappacinnii thinks Rappaccinna’s Daughter may have the cure. Rappacinni eventually arrives at Rappaccinai’s Daughter’s side and discovers that Rappacciini’s daughter was in fact right about the plant in Rappacinnii’s garden being able to cure Rappaccini’s poisonous plants, but it is too late for Giovanni. Rappacinni then injects himself with his perfect poison in order to join Rappacciniai Daughter so they can be together forever.

Rappaccini is a professor who lives with his beautiful daughter Beatrice. He spends all of his time in his laboratory creating different types of poisons including one that he claims cannot be cured. Rappaccini believes he is only protecting Rappaccini’s daughter from having contact with anyone who could be affected by Rappacinnii’s perfect poison and decides to keep her locked up in Rappacciinri’s garden all her life. Beatrice spends all of her time learning about poisons and actually enjoying the fact that Rappaccini doesn’t allow anyone into Rappaccinri’s garden except for himself and his disciples.

One day a man named Guiovanni enters Rappacinni’s garden and both Beatrice and Rappaccini become extremely fond of him, although Rappaccini does not agree because he believes if Giovanni gets too close to Beatrice then one day she will find out about Rappacinnii’s perfect poison which Rappaccini thinks Rappaccinni’s daughter will want to escape Rappacciinri’s garden for, so Rappacinni decides to inject Giovanni with Rappacinnrai perfect poison in order to keep Rappacciniai Daughter safe.

Beatrice then discovers that something is wrong when she comes into her father’s laboratory and finds that he has injected Giovanni with Rappacinni’s perfect poison without him knowing what was happening in Rappacchiiti garden.

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