Rise Of The Guardian Compare And Contrast Essay

The majority of children knows who these fictional characters are: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, there is one character that is very different than the rest of them and that is Jack Frost. Rise of the Guardians, which was directed by Peter Ramsey in 2012, which is a good movie because it teaches kids to always believe in yourself no matter what. He is soon to be a Guardian and which he does not want to be because no one believes in him in the world; not even a single soul. People should always believe in themselves even if no one else does to eep yourself up and never think your life does not have a purpose.

Jack Frost is a character is a small side character that does not play a big role in this world. What he mostly does is freeze the world to get it ready for winter and to make it longer. Not many people pay attention to what makes it winter and just goes with it. They just know it is the time of the year and thinks “Wintertime all ready? Wow. ” He tries his best to get out and be known, but once he is close enough to being known, another historical figure like the Tooth Fairy takes the spot.

It happened hen Jack was messing with some kids and one had a bobsleigh and he happened to make him go all around town with a magical ice road that Jack made and it went up at the end. He caused a big ruckus and made a mess of the town and which the kid flew in the air so he won’t be hit by a truck and landed in some snow, which he stood up in excitement but then a couch happens to hit the kid and a tooth came out and Jack was eased out of their minds yet again. The Easter Bunny and two Yeti’s kidnapped Jack Frost to take him to Santa’s hideout to be told that he was a Guardian.

He instantly turned it down because he does not feel up to the job and knows there are better people for it which he believes he does not have a purpose. The Easter Bunny and Jack get into an argument which revolves around people not believing in each other and picking on, which makes him feel insecure and not happy about being there because it is pointless to be there if everyone does not think he can do the job. “W-Why, why wouldn’t he tell me that himself? After 300 years, this is his answer? To spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some- ome hideout, thinking of- of new ways to bribe kids?

No, no, that’s not for me! No offense. ” says Jack. “How- how- How is that not offensive? You know what I think, I-I think we just dodged a bullet. I mean what’s this clown know about bringing joy to children anyway? ” replied Bunny. Jack said, “Uh, you ever hear of a snow day? I know it’s no… hard boiled egg, but kids like what I do. ” Bunny replied, “But none of ’em believe in they? Y’see, you’re invisible, mate – it’s like you don’t even exist. ” Tooth exclaimed, “Bunny! Enough. ”

“No, the kangaroo’s right. Jack replied. “The- the what? What’d you call me? l’m not a kangaroo, mate. said Bunny. Jack questioned, “Oh! And this whole time I thought you were. If you’re not a kangaroo, what are you? ” Bunny replied, “I’m a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me. ” Santa stepped in and stopped the fight before it got out of control and took Jack to his workshop where he made ice sculptures. Santa was intimidating Jack which he was scared and walked backwards into a wall to question what he is about and what is special about him to be able to help out in the mission at and, which an enemy called Pitch is coming back and giving kids nightmares.

Pitch is the enemy that has been in slumber for a long time and now is going around and seeing kids’ dreams and implanting nightmares in them so it will make him stronger and the mystical people they believed in weaker. Santa is trying to find what is special about him because he was made a guardian and is trying to find what is his center which is his power. Near the end of the movie, Jack started to feel very important and had new meaning in his life. He realized he had to bring fun verywhere he went.

The way he figured out what to do was when he got his teeth back from when he was human and looked into them. Jack had amnesia so he couldn’t remember his past life. Once he looked into the case where his teeth lay, the memories of his human life went into him instantly and he remembers everything. Right when he got his memories back, he went to free the Tooth Fairy helpers, but they couldn’t fly and escape. He found the last person who believed in them and went to him immediately, which was the kid who was in the obsleigh in the beginning of the movie.

Jamie was starting to not believe in them, but Jack was there and started to make shapes on the window about the Easter Bunny so he could start to believe in them again. Jamie realized that it was not the Easter Bunny doing it but Jack and he heard his voice and looked dead at Jack and was surprised to see him. Jack was happy that people could finally see him, because no one has seen him except mystical creatures for 300 years. Every person in this world has a purpose and it may be big or small that depends on one’s actions.

Jack’s purpose is to bring fun wherever he went in the world which he did not know was a big thing at all. Santa Claus purpose or center is to bring wonder and the Easter Bunny is to bring hope in the world. While their significance seems small, it is a very big deal so the kids won’t be brought down for any reason. No matter what happens in life, always believe in yourself and know that your life has a purpose, no matter how big or small the purpose is. This will help keep yourself happy and it will block out all the negativity.

People will always try to discourage ou because they were not able to do what you did. “My name is Jack Frost and l’m a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the Moon told me so. So when the Moon tells you something, believe it. ” This is the last line that Jack said which had a lot of meaning. He took the position he never wanted because he realized what he had to do. Also, he says that the moon who helps them in times of need is silently believing in all of them but never spoke to them personally. Even if people don’t openly say they believe in you, you should believe in yourself no matter what.