Rogers Chocolates Case Study

Rogers’ Chocolates is facing several issues. Firstly, their value proposition is outdated and in need of revision if they want to expand into new markets. Secondly, their packaging and service tactics are old-fashioned and will likely not be well received in other areas. This was further backed up by a consultant hired by Rogers’. Finally, due to the company’s reliance on imported raw materials from West Africa, their brand image has been tarnished somewhat.

The public was concerned with the working and living conditions of those employed in the cocoa bean farms. Rogers’ responded to this by ensuring that they were only using sustainably sourced cocoa beans. This quelled some of the protests but didn’t stop them entirely. The company needs to decide if they want to maintain their current traditions or make changes in order to grow the business.

The company had difficulty forecasting demand, supply and production on a yearly basis, which led to issues with forced labor and child labor being used in the production of cocoa beans in West Africa. This created negative publicity for the company and caused some consumers to switch brands. While it’s impossible to please everyone, it’s important to maintain a positive image in the media.

Rogers Chocolate had to decide on a sustainable and ethical strategy to produce their chocolate.

The company decided that the plan was to improve their relationship with the farmers, offer a premium price for certified cocoa beans and support the certification process.

By working with the farmers and supporting them, Rogers Chocolate would be able to get insight into the supply of cocoa beans as well as have a more efficient production process. Offering a premium price would also incentivize farmers to get certified.

This case study looks at how Rogers Chocolate went about trying to improve their brand image and become a more sustainable and ethical company. It discusses the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Rogers Chocolate is an example of a company that is trying to do good by its consumers and the environment.

Rogers’ also had issues accurately predicting demand as sales varied significantly depending on the time of year. Another key issue was that Rogers’ product only lasted for six months, but some wholesalers were selling expired products. This meant that Rogers’ needed to track their supply more closely. Finally, since Rogers mainly served a niche luxury market, they lost customers when taste trends changed.

Another important issue was that Rogers’ did not have a diversified product line and was only selling boxed chocolates. This made them susceptible to changes in consumer tastes as well as competition from other companies who had a broader product offering.

The last key issue was that Rogers’ had high fixed costs and low variable costs. This meant that they needed to sell a large volume of product to make a profit and any decrease in sales would lead to losses. To fix these issues, Rogers’ Chocolate needs to first track their inventory and shipments to wholesalers more carefully so they can better forecast demand. They also need to develop a more diversified product line to hedge against changes in consumer tastes and competition. Finally, they need to increase sales to compensate for their high fixed costs.

Looking at the Chocolate Wars in general, there are a few key takeaways. First, it is important to have a clear understanding of your cost structure and target market. Second, it is essential to have a diversified product line so that you can respond to changes in consumer tastes. And lastly, careful planning and execution are critical to success in the Chocolate Wars.

As fewer tourists visit Victoria each year, Rogers’ Chocolates has seen a decline in its foreign consumer base. To appeal to the younger market and update its packaging design, Rogers’ Chocolates should use flashier tins and wrappers.

In addition, they should look at ways to increase their online presence and social media marketing. This would help them to reach a larger audience, as well as increase brand awareness. Finally, they should consider expanding their product line to include more non-chocolate items, such as confectionary. This would help to attract a wider range of customers and boost sales.

Overall, Rogers Chocolate has many opportunities to improve its business model and become more profitable. By targeting the younger market and updating its packaging design, the company can appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Additionally, increasing its online presence will help Rogers Chocolate reach a larger audience and boost brand awareness. Finally, expanding its product line to include more non-chocolate items will help attract a wider range of customers. By implementing these changes, Rogers Chocolate can become a more successful and profitable business.

However, they should continue with what works for customers in Victoria- utilizing social media to advertise. This is a less costly method as compared to other means of advertising and will succeeded in drawing new consumers. By doing this, sales and revenue will be increased. They need to increase brand awareness and reach out to more consumers through electronic or print advertisement such as Facebook ads, Google AdWords, flyers, and newspapers since they have a large market in Vancouver.

In addition, to maintain their consumers in Vancouver, they should introduce new products that will be appealing and also offer promotions. Promotions will help increase sales as well as attract new consumers. They can also hold events that will promote their brand and products. This will help them stay relevant in the market and also keep their current consumers happy.

Rogers Chocolate should continue to produce high-quality chocolates while also being innovative in order to maintain their position in the market. They need to keep up with changing consumer tastes and preferences by introducing new flavors and products. They should also use effective marketing strategies to reach out to more consumers and create a loyal customer base. By doing so, Rogers Chocolate will be able to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as a leading chocolate company.

In addition to showing on television, advertisements should also communicate to consumers about how the company is giving back to the community. Rogers’ could go public with their charitable events to create brand awareness and tie the community into these events.

Chocolate is something that can be given as a gift for any holiday, so they need to be present in people’s minds when those holidays come around.

What Rogers’ is doing right now is not enough. They need to increase their marketing efforts if they want to stay afloat and keep up with the competition. Also, by communicating more with their consumers, they will create a better relationship and connection with them. Chocolate is something that can make people happy, so why not promote happiness? Happiness should be one of Rogers’ key advertising strategies.

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