Should Hunting Be Banned Essay

Animal hunting has been a controversial topic for many years. Some people believe that it should be banned, while others believe that it is a necessary part of wildlife management. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument.

On the pro-hunting side, some people argue that animal hunting is a necessary part of wildlife management. They believe that hunting helps to keep animal populations in check and prevents overpopulation. Hunting also provides a source of food for many people who live in rural areas.

On the anti-hunting side, some people argue that animal hunting is cruel and unnecessary. They believe that there are other ways to manage animal populations, such as birth control. They also argue that hunting does not provide a sustainable source of food, as it can lead to animal populations becoming depleted.

Animal hunting should be banned because it harms animals and contributes to their suffering, extinction, and endangerment. Every year, hunters kill more than 200 million animals using an arsenal of rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, handguns, bows and arrows. This is cruel; animals deserve the same respect as we do. We hunt primates who are among the closest living animal relatives to us.

It’s Heartless; when a animal is being chased by a group of hunters and they finally corner it and shoot it. The animal didn’t ask to be hunted, and didn’t choose to be put in that position. It Wrecks Ecosystems; When animals are killed off it completely changes the food chain which then has a domino effect on everything else in that area. For example, if all the wolves in an area are killed off, then the deer population will explode because there will be no predators to keep their numbers in check.

This can lead to overgrazing and destruction of vegetation, which can then lead to soil erosion. Soil erosion can lead to water pollution and siltation, which can then lead to the death of fish and other aquatic creatures. So, as you can see, the loss of just one animal can have a ripple effect that completely changes an ecosystem.

It’s Wasteful; In many cases, the animal isn’t even eaten by the hunter, it’s just shot for sport. The meat is often left to rot because it’s not worth anything to the hunter. This is a complete waste of an animal’s life.

It Hurts Population Numbers; Every year, hunters kill about 13 million male deer, elk, moose, and caribou. That leaves a huge number of females behind who will breed with each other and produce offspring that are mostly female. This skewed ratio can then lead to a decline in population numbers because there aren’t enough males to mate with all of the females.

It’s Inefficient; Hunting is not an efficient way to control animal populations. If the goal is to keep animal populations in check, then hunting is not the answer because it often leads to declines in population numbers.

Alternatives to Hunting; If the goal is to provide food for people, then there are much more efficient and humane ways to do that. Farming and ranching provide a steady supply of meat without having to kill animals. If the goal is to control animal populations, then there are other methods that can be used such as contraception or sterilization.

People often do things for no reason, but animals act the way they do in order to protect themselves from us. I have always been an advocate for animal rights and will never try to kill an animal myself. Hunting is cruel and unnecessary; animals feel pain just as we do. Humans can live on other things, such as quorn, which has more protein than meat anyway. This would stop the suffering of all these innocent animals that have done nothing wrong.

Also, animal farming is animal cruelty. The animals are not given the space to roam free, they are put in tiny cages with no room to move and this is animal abuse. If people stopped wearing animal fur and leather then the industry would have to stop as it would be unprofitable, meaning that all these animals would be saved. So I think that animal hunting should be banned as it is cruel to the animals.

Furthermore, it sickens me to see that hunters and poachers STILL kill endangered animals. What do you gain from this? Money? Fame? A fur coat? Why do you continue this behavior when it is so unnecessary? When all of these beautiful creatures like tigers become extinct, everyone will place the blame on your shoulders.

Additionally, I find it irritating how people use the excuse “we do it to keep control of the population.” Well our human population is over limit, and yet you don’t see animals hunting us down so why should we be allowed to hunt them without consequence?

So, if animal hunting is banned it will save so many precious animal lives, and in return the animal’s life could possibly save yours.

Animal hunting should be banned because animals are being slaughtered for no good reason, they provide us with no benefits whatsoever, and this cruel act needs to stop.

Some people believe that animal hunting is a way to prevent overpopulation, but that is not true. There are many other ways to control animal populations such as sterilization programs or contraceptives. Also, animals are not the only ones who overpopulated; humans do as well. In fact, our human population is currently over 7 billion people and counting. So, if we can find ways to control our own population, then surely we can find ways to control animal populations.

Another reason why animal hunting should be banned is because it does not provide any benefits to us whatsoever. People kill animals for their fur, for their meat, for their horns, or for anything else that they deem valuable. However, there are many synthetic alternatives to these products that are just as good, if not better than the real thing.

For example, there are now synthetic furs that look and feel just like real animal fur. And as for meat, there are so many vegetarian and vegan options available that taste just as good as meat without all of the cruelty. So, there is really no need for us to kill animals when we don’t have to.

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