Romeo Is To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet are two iconic characters in Shakespeare’s work. Many people have their own theories on who is to blame for their deaths. Some say Romeo was too reckless and impulsive, while others claim that Juliet was not assertive enough when it came to her family. Ultimately, the true answer to this question is up to interpretation. What is known, however, is that both Romeo and Juliet were ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Shakespeare’s play is a cautionary tale about the dangers of love and passion. It is a story that teaches us the importance of listening to our elders and making wise decisions. Romeo and Juliet ignored the warnings of those around them, and as a result, they paid with their lives. In the end, we can learn from their mistakes and make sure that we do not fall into the same traps. Love is a powerful emotion, but it must be handled with care.

A tragedy about star-crossed lovers whose love cannot break them apart from their two warring families, Romeo and Juliet is a tale of tragedy. In this essay, I’ll examine who or what is to blame for the protagonist’s demise. The primary theme of the narrative is hatred and fate, therefore I must begin by introducing the two families since their animosity was responsible for the deaths primarily because if they hadn’t fought, then perhaps Romeo and Juliet would never have married in secret.

Romeo belongs to the House of Montague and Juliet to the House of Capulet, these two families have been feuding for many years. Romeo is Romeo and Juliet are from opposite sides of the tracks so to speak which wouldve made it difficult for their relationship anyway but because of their families constant fighting Romeo and Juliet had to keep their marriage a secret as they knew that if either family found out they would be killed or at least banished.

Romeo montague goes against his family by marrying juliet capulet. Romeo was already married to Rosaline but he didnt love her, Romeo then meet juliet at a party where he instantly falls in love with her not knowing that she is a capulet.

As a result, the feud was maintained by all of the individuals involved. Tybalt, a Capulet cousin and juliets cousin, started the fight that resulted in Romeo being exiled, and he was always causing mischief. Because of his aggressiveness, I hold Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet’s parents responsible for keeping hatred alive between the families.

They were more concerned with their reputation and not with what their daughter wanted. Friar Lawrence is also to blame because he knew Romeo and Juliet were in love but still married them knowing the consequences would be so severe. He should have found a way to prevent their deaths.

Lastly, I think Romeo is to blame for his own death. He didn’t have to kill himself if he really loved Juliet he could have gone into exile like Mercutio told him to do and then they could have been together. Romeo was impulsive and acted on his feelings without thinking things through which led to his downfall.

At first, they threatened to toss her out on the streets as Act 3, Scene 5 Capulet says to Juliet Thursday is near lay hand on heart and you be mine. Ill give you to my friend, and you to be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets. Lady Capulet also placed her daughter under the care of the Nurse who acted as a substitute mother for Juliet. The Nurse was an outspoken blabbermouth who was partly responsible for Juliet’s death because she never acknowledged that maybe Juliet wasn’t prepared for this huge step in her life from an onlooker guardian.

Romeo was also to blame for his own demise. Romeo never thought with his head he always let his heart rule him. Romeo was so in Love with Juliet that even after being banished from Verona and told if he ever returned he would be killed Romeo still went back to Juliet, He risked everything to be with her including his own life.

Romeo did this not only once but twice which eventually lead to Romeo and Juliet both loosing their lives Romeo first got banished from Verona then a second time Romeo gets himself killed thus dooming Juliet as well. The Prince also could have prevented the tragedy, at the beginning of the play Romeo gets into a brawl with Tybalt, Prince Escalus steps in and orders that Romeo be banished instead of killed.

If Romeo had been killed as he was supposed to Tybalt would have been killed and Romeo and Juliet would never of met. If Romeo hadnt of been banished and forced to leave Verona none of this would of happened and Romeo and Juliet would still be alive living happily ever after.

So who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Is it Romeo for getting himself banished? Is it the Nurse for not being more responsible? Is it Lady Capulet for not being more understanding? Or is it Prince Escalus for not following through with his orders? The answer is all of the above. Everyone played a part in the tragedy that unfolded. Romeo and Juliet may have made some impulsive decisions but in the end they were just two young kids who fell in love and unfortunately their love wasnt meant to be.

Shakespeare wrote this play as a tragedy for a reason, because these types of things do happen in real life. Romeo and Juliet is a cautionary tale about the dangers of love and how it can ruin lives. So while no one person is solely to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, everyone did have a part in it and should learn from their mistakes.

When he reached the ball, Romeo was enthralled by Juliet, and she was simply bewitched by him. They later realized who they were, but they were in love and would not let their names get in the way of their powerful emotions. If fate did not bring them together, then what or whom did? What are the chances of all of this happening a million to one, therefore is why I have come to the conclusion that the main reason for what is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s tragic deaths is fate.

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