Set Hike Summary

Set Hike the play began and Will went out for the pass did a eight yard hitch, WOOF the ball left the QB’s hand and landed right in the hands of Will in the endzone. SCORE the touchdown is good. After the play and being congratulated he felt something vibrating in his pocket, so acting normal and all he grabbed his phone and realized it was his dad who rarely calls him the only reason would be if something went wrong and someone died or he just wanted to talk to him.

When he answered the phone he said “Hey Dad… When he didn’t hear an answer he almost hung up but all of a sudden heard the voice of his grandpa steve talking to his dad about the trip to Canada for a huge fishing tournament that he wanted Will his dad Bill and their cousin Brandon to compete in. The tournament is big and their are tons of people who would compete. He also mentioned that the winner gets a new twenty seven foot Sea Ray Sundancer. His dad knowing how nice the boat is and hearing that it is new told Steve that it was a forsure and marked it on the calendar.

The next day Will didn’t dare speak of the conversations he had heard on the phone until the day came and he didn’t even know if he would then. Since he hadn’t heard the date over the phone he decided that he would just start to gather up his fishing stuff and act like he was getting ready to go fishing with a friend. While he was working on getting everything ready his dad came in and told will to put his stuff into the car and get in because they were gonna go fishing. Will being curious and all asked where they were going his dad responded saying that they were going to go to Winnebago and take grandpa’s boat.

Will felt that he had been all wrong thinking they were going to Canada put his stuff in and got into the car. But while they were traveling Will realized that they had gone past their grandparents and were heading to the lake without the boat and when Will turned around he realized that his grandpa and cousin were behind them, his grandpa the one with the boat. Realizing what he just saw he turned to his dad and asked with a happy expression what they were doing, his dad all of a sudden popped a party popper and sang “ We’re going on a fishing trip”.

Will knowing this would have come at some point acted extremely surprised and almost pulled the seatbelt out of its receiver in joy. His dad didn’t tell him the canada part until they stopped at the gas station five hours later. His dad also told him that they were gonna be in the car for another 43 hours which almost made Will want to turn back around and go home but he couldn’t bail out on the fishing trip not even knowing he will catch the biggest fish of his lifetime.

They had stopped one more time before they made a stop for some sleep. Since they had a GMC Sierra with a back that had and installed cap or cover that makes it just like the rest of the car without any seats, they could sleep in it for the ride up. His grandpa and cousin also had trucks but they didn’t have the back thing so they just slept in the backseat. After they woke up in the morning they cooked some eggs over a portable grill and bacon as well and then it was go go go.

They stopped one time that day and slept in the back of the car again, and even though Will offered to sleep in the backseats so his grandpa was more comfortable but his grandpa refused and slept in the backseats again. They woke up at ten o’clock the next day. His grandpa said that was a good thing because they were going to drive until they got their and they still had roughly sixteen hours until they got there. That day they drove fifteen hours and forty seven minutes and got their at two twenty one in the morning.

That night they slept in a prairie where they found all the other fishermen camping out. They parked got the beds ready and went to sleep almost instantly. That night though something woke them up. BANG there it was again it took them a moment to calculate what it was but when they did they hoped they were wrong it was the sound of a gunshot. At first they thought a riot broke out because they heard yelling but they soon realized that was yelling from pain and after that last gunshot they thought that someone had been shot.

When they got out of the car with a pistol in hand just in case, they saw a big lifeless figure on the ground and a man screaming in pain not to far from it. They soon realized what had really happened, a bear attack. The man was young in age about nineteen years old and he was the one that was unfortunate enough for the bear to attack him. The ambulance didn’t take to long so must not have been to far away maybe in a nearby village. After that incident there was no more bad incidents maybe a hooked finger or something. We took the boat out at five thirty, we were the seconds one out on the lake the first was just before us.

Great bear lake was an amazing lake and at twelve thousand and twenty eight square miles is pretty big too. At that size it is sixty times bigger than lake Winnebago which is located in Wisconsin and not even half the size of lake Superior which is also located in Wisconsin so it is big but not humongous. When the boat was out in the water we took it out and went to the far right side of the lake and found a area that was perfect for Salmon and not to far from a location that would be perfect for a Northern Pike or Musky.

They stopped the boat in the area for the Pike and Musky but didn’t anchor it because while you are casting you don’t want to fish in the same spot to much because it may scare all the fish away and then you won’t get a chance at anything. After they stopped the boat Will grabbed his stuff which had been set up with the lure he wanted and took a cast it plopped in the water and he started reeling. Almost immediately something hit the lure with a hard strike he jerked the pole up knowing that if you don’t it is very possible that you could lose the fish if you don’t jerk the pole.

He started reeling in and knew that he fish was big by the bend of the pole and the force of the fish. He was reeling for about five minutes and then finally got the fish in. His dad was ready with a net that they picked up for the trip and netted the fish and got into the boat. It was a nice Pike and at about 30 inches it was big too. It weighed about 9 pound which is pretty fat for a 30 inch fish. The put it in the livewell and just hoped for more luck like that.