Essay on A Personal Narrative On A Journey

My trip started out one day when we wanted to go to six flags. My sister, mom, and I packed up and decided to go the next day. We all woke up pretty early and we were excited to get there, we got in the car and left. We took off from home and got on to the highway. The highway was kind of busy with cars going everywhere and all the other places, the trip was going to take a few hours or two to get there so we brought some food and snacks, we was all ready to be there. We finally get there and it was very hot and sunny that day. The sun felt like we could almost melt because, the temperature was so hot.

We get in with our season passes and I was still tired from our trip there and they already wanted to go ride a rollercoaster. I got a map and they chose a rollercoaster. We didn’t know very many of the rides so, we just picked one called “The Ninja. ” I decided to go on while I was still trying to wake up from driving so long. I get on the rollercoaster and buckle up like you’re supposed too. The ride took off slow and we went around a few turns and all of a sudden it goes almost completely sideways and then does a loop upside down.

It made me jump and I heard my sister screaming with her eyes shut and my mom laughing because, she was scared of it. It was very fun and I would suggest the ride for other people to try too. The second we get off that ride I decide we should get something to eat. There was this place that had huge turkey legs and I would suggest it to everyone because, it was really good. They had Corn on the Cobb too which looked really good. My mom chose to go on another ride and so I said “ok” and I went and picked one called; “The Boss” it was huge and we had to climb a lot of stairs to get up there to it and it was all wooden looking.

We get up there and there was a big line of people but we got in pretty quick. We sit in the rollercoaster and they guy told us “there won’t be any flips, tricks, or any surprises” but when the ride took off he said “maybe just a few. ” The ride starts out and we climb a huge slope going up and up. We get to the top and it looks like we can see across the world because, we were up so high and above all the trees I could see and all of a sudden we drop. We speeded down the track and took a lot of twists and turns and it jerked out necks and body’s everywhere!

It was the fastest one we been on all day and it kind of hurt our necks but, It was really fun it lasted at least probably two minutes and we were beat up by the time it was over. I really liked it because it was fun and scary. The ride climbed another big slope at the end and it was over. We get up and hop off the ride and we were all dizzy and wobbly after that we go and get the best lemonade I ever had from a stand there, it took a whole for them to make but it was awesome.

It was starting to get dark in the sky and we decided to go home. We get in the car and right when we do it starts storming very badly, it was lightning, thundering, pouring rain, hail, there was a lot of stuff coming down. The storm ended up being so bad we had to pull over because, with all the rain and fog we could barely see. We waited until the storm stopped and got back on the road home. I slept the whole way back because I was tired of everything we did. It was very fun there and I would recommend it to everyone!

We got home and I told my dad about everything about what happened. I told about the rides and stores and even the big storm. I think everyone should go sometime because I guarantee that everyone would have fun there. I get home and go to my room and sleep. The reason I chose to tell a story like this is because it was memorable and was a very great time in our life because it was a lot of fun and we hadn’t been in a long time. It was probably one of the best times I ever had and I loved being there. I would go back every day if I could!