Personal Narrative: Fear Of Roller Coasters Essay

“Let’s GO! ” Demanded my friend, Chintan, we quickly rushed from one line to another. My friends and I waited patiently in line. Sweat poured down the temples of individuals as the sun silently shot waves of heat down at us. Every few minutes the line would move up until it was finally our turn to ride The Gemini. “Do I have to come? I don’t want to go on it, it looks really tall” I complained to my friends. “Stop being a baby, it is really fun. We are in middle school, how are you still afraid of roller coasters? ” Mocked My friends.

Ever Since my childhood I have had problems with ollercoasters; the speed does not bother me,in fact I find it exhilarating, it is how high they go that is the issue. I have had a fear of heights for as long as i remember, the ironic thing is that i enjoy air travel. ” You are going to be okay, you will enjoy the ride trust me. It is really fun just think about positive thoughts. When we get to the top do not be afraid to look around, it is a spectacular view of the park” My friends informed me as they tried to mitigate my anxiety. “I am taking your word” I cautiously told my friends as we took our seats in the cart.

After a few moment some of the workers t Cedar Point made sure we were buckled in before the ride started. “Welcome to the Gemini, make sure you are properly seated, keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times, and have a fantastic experience! ” Announced the spokesman. The ride slowly started, I took a quick glance around and saw the hoards of people at the amusement park. I knew I had to stay calm so I tried to distract myself by looking around and thinking of positive thoughts. Once we had the reached the top, we stopped for a brief moment and I closed my eyes.

I knew that if I looked down I would get really freaked out. “OPEN YOUR EYES! Yelled my friend Shree as we began our rapid descent towards the ground. I slowly opened my eyes and began to panic. The roller coaster included a few more slopes of the same height which i got used to; then came the final challenge: the biggest hill on the ride. We slowly crept up the hill, I heard the cart’s wheel banging against the wooden tracks, my heart began pounding faster and faster, until we finally reached the top. I looked at my friends with an unpleasant view and looked back towards the front.

Something overcame on the last hill because all of a sudden i calmed down and was ready to ace my fear. I Looked around the park joyfully from my sky high view and enjoyed the slight breeze on my face. When the ride started to rush down the hill i kept my eyes open and even put my arms in the air. The whole way down I remember keeping my eyes open and actually enjoying the ride. “What did you think? ” Questioned Chintan. “It was fun, better than I expected. I actually kept my eyes open for the last hill” I replied. “We should ride the Millennium Force” Said Shree.

I rather go on Wicked Twister of Magnum, those are better in my opinion. We can go on Millennium Force later” I replied. We all agreed to go on Millennium Force later and decided to go to Magnum. We waited in line again for an hour or so before it was our turn. The Magnum did not scare me because it was meant to be a fast coaster rather than a tall one, which i enjoyed. It was a metal coaster that zoomed through on its red tracks. We rode the Magnum and decided to move onto Wicked Twister. Wicked Twister was one of my favorite rides because although it was really simple, it gave us a great view of Lake Erie.

The ride had a U-shaped curve, the coaster went from one end to another with twists on each end. Once we rode the Wicked Twister a couple of times we decided it was time to find our parents for a small| lunch break. We searched for around 10 minutes when we finally spotted them sitting down. We all had a quick lunch of pizza and a small drink before we resumed our conquest to ride the roller coasters. We walked around for a half hour so that we could digest our food before we made our way to the line for the Raptor. The Raptor was another classic Cedar Point ride that had crazy twists and turns accompanied with great speed.

The special thing about the raptor was that there was no seat, but e were standing up and harnessed in. Going upside down was not my favorite but since we went at such a fast pace I did not feel it. As always, the line for the raptor was really long. When we it was finally our turn we thought about the wait and wondered if it was even worth the ride. Once we had finished the ride we had no regrets. The ride was amazing, we all had a blast and even thought about going again. After the Raptor we went to a couple more roller coasters before we finally got in line for the Millennium Force.

The Millennium Force was known for its great heights. The roller coaster consisted of various slopes taller than all the other rides besides Top Thrill Dragster. “Are you coming with us? ” My friends questioned me. “Yeah I am. Gemini didn’t seem that bad and I enjoyed the ending so maybe I wil enjoy this as well” I replied. “Are you sure, this one goes really high up and if you have a fear of heights you don’t have to come” Responded my friends generously. “It’s fine, It looks really fun” I said nervously as I tried to look confident. Although my friends could not tell, I was really nervous.

I wanted to conquer my fear of height, but the Millenium Force was really crazy. I kept telling myself that I could do it and I slowly got in line with my friends. We waited for an hour and two, passing time by making jokes and talking about how our summer was going. Finally, it was our turn. I slowly got into the cart and put my safety belts on. I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my hands became really sweaty. I tried to think about how I felt after the Gemini and how I would not let my fears define who I am. I tried to imagine the view I would have from the top. The ride soon started and we made our way up the first hill.

I looked around the amusement park and saw all the night lights slowly turning on for various rides. The scene was magnificent and I slowly enjoyed the view, trying not to think about how high I was going. I could feel the cold breeze in the air against my arms and for the first time that day wanted the ride to go down as fast possible. The ride slowly began its drop towards the ground and without thinking i threw my hands in the air and screamed of joy. The ride continued to zoom through repeated hills, each time I could see the whole amusement park and each time I became less and less scared.

When the ride was finally over it took me a minute but I finally stepped out of the ride, and after a minute or two I realized what I had just done. My face turned into a big grin and I was really proud of myself. Instead of letting my fears control my actions, I took charge of what I wanted to go and fought my fears for a victory. “What did you think about the ride? ” Asked Shree. “It was really good, I loved it! ” I responded. Once we had caught our breath we went to search for our parent once again and made our journey back home. During the car ride I thought about my day and what I had accomplished.

Not only did I ride the Millennium Force, Gemini and many other exhilarating coasters, I defeated my fear of height. I thought about how my determination helped me fight through my anxiety and how strong my mind could be. I thought about other fears or limitations I had originally thought about myself and what I could do about them. This experience helped me realize that no one should let their fears and other limitations define them, but use these boundaries to their advantage and try to defeat them to make themselves stronger. No one will ever be perfect, but giving up is not the right action.