Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws That Changed The World Essay

I am writing about the famous Isaac Newton. Even though Isaac Newton was born January 4, he was born on Christmas day. He is an important part of science that changed the world by giving use the three laws of motion and the concept of gravity. I care because his discovery led to many other discoveries today that would not have been discovered without his three laws. The three laws affect me because without it we wouldn’t know useful thing such as why things like swings and see-saws work or how we don’t slip when wearing certain shoes.

Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, England on January 4 1643( December 25 1642) this might seem a little confusing at first so let me explain. Isaac Newton was originally born December 25 1642 but since he was born in England the Gregorian calendar had not yet been accepted so in the year 1752 they finally accepted it. The only problem was that the calendar needed to be adjusted by 11 days so when they changed it Newton’s birthday landed on January 4. Newton attended the King’s School but was pulled out to work on the farm. He failed at farming so he was sent back to Kings School to finish his basic education. In 1661 Newton enrolled in the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College for three years. He worked by waiting on tables and taken care of wealthier students rooms.

Isaac Newton gave a great contribution to the world. He gave us a better understanding of gravity and created the three laws of motion. I can’t really say how everyone felt about but from what I have read it said that the people were afraid of new discovery they didn’t want to know about thing unknown and unseen so I can imagine since Isaac Newton wanted to show the new unknown and unseen that the people wasn’t too fond of him.

“Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it” says Newton’s first law. This we recognize as basically as Galileo’s concept of inertia and this is often called simply the “Law of Inertia. (See image 1) as you see in image one the object stays at rest until something or someone moves it. The first law is important because it give a better understanding of gravity.

Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass of the object being accelerated the greater the amount of force needed. (See image 2) as you see in image two momentum changes with time. Image 2 also shows that the more force put on the object the faster and farther the object travels. The second law is important because in order for rockets and things like cars to get where they need to we would have to know how much force would be needed.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” says Newton’s third and final law. This statement is basically saying that no matter what you do it always has a reaction of some kind. (See image 3) as you see in image three the man sitting on the see-saw is the action and the reaction is the children flying off. This law is important because it tells us that everything we do has a reaction.

In conclusion Newton’s Laws of Motion helps us all every day and we don’t even notice it. Without Newton’s laws we probably would be clueless to so many things today. Newton will always be an important part of scientific history because of his amazing discovery.