Summer Break-Personal Narrative Essay

June-August- Summer Break, just ordinary things, going to sleep, going to stores, and just sitting in the house playing video games. However, one incident happened, that left me stunned and shocked. My mother died that year, from heart failure. I obviously was more depressed and miserable within my personal life. I cried all 3 months! To make things worse, the last concern I told to my mother was that I hate her. This was when | had the vigorous fight at school with the bully which landed me in the hospital.

She obviously had a resultant talk with me like always, and it obviously ended inadequately, and to make this short, I told her, “I hated her. ” This impacted my character and my overall ability to move forward in life due to the fact my mom died miserably. It was like a burning hole in my stomach, that I couldn’t get rid of no matter what. R. I. P Mommy-2012, love you always, you were the best thing that ever happened to me, you provided and supported me when I was down. WHY DID THIS HAD TO HAPPEN TO ME!? Why! Love you Mom! September- September was a month of sadness and misery, I had to go back to school!

In addition, my mother passed away last year. Furthermore, my dad was about to lose his home and he was thinking about moving me into a foster care system because he couldn’t provide for me. All of those things were stressful and it pulled me down to the ground. School was cheerful and joyous before, but considering the fact that I was bullied previously, I ended up hating school, and anything that came along with it. However, during the month of September, I was proud to say, that I wasn’t bullied, but often hated by some. It was a month of renewal! In other words, I was pleased by countless number of people kindnesses.

One encounter of kindness was that I confronted by a new student at my school. I had a pleasant conversation with the new student and he was so nice that he helped me with my homework. Maybe he heard that my mother passed away, and decided to help me. However, I was loving the atmosphere I felt when walking into school, it was desirable. October- As soon as October hit, I got bullied once again. I was just getting started to love school and appreciate my classmates. Each and every day, for the last 30 days of October, I was assaulted again, I believe by the same person.

It was a boy name Rodney, who came up to me and hit me for no apparent reason, which was shocking, considering the fact that he was the most popular kid in school. However, towards the end of this month, I soon fought back. I wasn’t having anyone pick on me because of the fact, I was already upset at the world because my mother passed away. This was obvious when walking down the hallway in school. So, one day I did confront the bully and explained to him that I’m tired of his bullying, and he actually stopped and listened. After the conversation with him, he eventually left me alone and stopped bullying me.

However, I was still devastated that month. I was unquestionably sad and heartbroken at that point, because I’m still dealing with my mother death and the loneliness every day. November- Before I begin my entry story for the month November, I’m going to attempt to stay strong and not cry all over this diary. I have been so sick this year. It’s very frustrating to see myself like this. Last year was the most happiest, and now this year… This year was the saddest year of my life and I can’t keep going on with this diary because in the month December, something bad is going to happen, and I want the world to appreciate my story.

I have been dealing with depression, sickness, bullying, loneliness, afraidness, and the loss of hope. I apparently lost everything, my respect, my dignity, and my ambition. It’s time to achieve what’s required. December- Happy Birthday to me, today is December 31, 2012. Before I harm myself, I’m going to say, I’m sorry mom, dad, friends, and the world. During the last 364 days of my life, I was bullied every day by bullies within my neighborhood, and within school. I was distressed by the pain I caused to my parents, and my few friends that I had.

To leave this world, depressed, I would like to thank you guys for doing this to me. Thank you all for being such as* holes. P. S. I want the world to make a difference, we don’t need bullies within our environment. Please, for the sake of the Human race, please be so kind and raise awareness about this issue. I don’t want anyone to be bullied regardless of what they done or who they are. We need to demand change, and demand change immediately because If we don’t, we are going to suffer tremendous losses within our race!

If anyone finds this diary, please deliver this to the news, I want my story to get across worldwide! Sincerely, a victim of bullying! Special News Report A victim of bullying committed suicide at age 12. He shot himself in the face, due to bullying. He left a diary for the world to know his story! Please share this, this needs to get across the world! R. I. P the boy who committed suicide. The end result- bullying rates decreased, each state has a law banning bullying within school, and Roger is now a holiday on December 31, called Roger ANTI BULLYING! Thanks!